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Re: Thanks for all the help everyone!

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  • Katherine
    Steve: You and your wife are doing the right thing. As parents, we have to do what is best for our kids (even if they don t appreciate it at the time), but
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 8, 2008

      You and your wife are doing the right thing. As parents, we have to
      do what is best for our kids (even if they don't appreciate it at the
      time), but involving your daughter in the homeschool decision and
      giving her power over that decision is good. If she is even the
      least bit resistant to homeschooling, you'll have such a rocky
      start. This way when you do begin, she won't be resentful or have
      any regrets.

      My son was ready but we did go through a period of mourning, so to
      speak. He missed the routine and he missed his friends. It was
      about two weeks before he finally seemed to settle in to not being in
      school. He still will sometimes say that he misses school but every
      time I offer to let him go back, he declines.

      Best of luck and we look forward to hearing from your family soon!


      --- In lascruceshomeschool@yahoogroups.com, "sbneedl" <sbneedl@...>
      > My wife and I really appreciate all the feedback and encouragement
      > all have given. I asked Sage today if she wanted to go back to
      > tomorrow (first day back from winter break) to say goodbye to her
      > and teacher. She thought this was a good idea but soon started to
      > cold feet about exiting her school. Since we first talked with her
      > about the idea of homeschooling around the beginning of this school
      > year she has liked the idea and has inquired regularly when we
      would be
      > starting. I reminded her of all the reasons why homeschooling is
      > to be great but told her there was no pressure and that she could
      > going to school until she was ready. She figured ten days would be
      > needed to decide. I'm thinking the decision will come in sooner
      > One reason being that she is not a morning person and her bus comes
      > 705! Time will tell. Thanks again everyone and we look forward to
      > joining up with you as fellow homeschoolers soon!
      > Steve
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