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Re: hi all....new to homeschooling

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  • Katherine
    Ami- Her name is Marguerite Quinones. She s over homeschoolers in the Las Cruces Public School District. She s also a licensed speech therapist and an
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 8, 2008

      Her name is Marguerite Quinones. She's over homeschoolers in the Las
      Cruces Public School District. She's also a licensed speech
      therapist and an overall really, really nice person. She was my
      son's speech therapist when he was in kinder and 1st and when I
      exited him to homeschool, she was very supportive and helpful. At
      the time, she told me there were over 2,000 children being
      homeschooled in the Las Cruces district.

      Here's a bonus: When she was servicing my son, she told me that her
      kids were in private school!!

      Just a little more info for anyone who might need it: If you suspect
      your child has a learning disability or speech issues, you are
      entitled to ask for free testing from the district and your children
      are entitled to receive free services, you just have to take them.
      My son still receives speech therapy services at Desert Hills Elem.


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      > Jana, I think you'll find the Las Cruces district MUCH more
      friendly towards home schoolers than Alamogordo. There is even a
      woman connected with the sped departmentthere - someone help me with
      her name and contact info - who works as a liaison to home schoolers.
      Imagine, working together for the kids' sake! :)
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      > Subject: Re: [lascruceshomeschool] hi all....new to homeschooling
      > <<<<As far as the notification it is basically 1 page that you
      print of the
      > internet fill it out and fax it to both the local office and to
      the state.
      > >>>>
      > Does Las Cruces have a regulation stating that you must fax the
      form to
      > them? Because it is NOT the case for most of the state. All you
      have to do
      > is fill out the internet form and submit it online. I was under
      > impression that the regulations were the same state-wide.
      > It is a good idea to print the form before you submit, because
      some get a
      > confirmation and some do not. The Homeschool procedure manual is
      there on
      > the site, and it outlines what is needed. Basically, keep the
      > form, renew it each year by April, keep immunization records or
      > forms, a copy of your diploma or degree, and they "suggest" that
      you keep a
      > calendar but it is not required. I don't think that I am
      > anything. There are no requirements regarding what you "teach"
      > children except that you must be involved in "home-education" for
      at least
      > as long as the school year is in session.
      > <<<<What is involved/how do you "establish a homeschool>>>>
      > Establishing a homeschool is just when you decide not to send
      > school-age kids to school (after the school year starts of
      course) or to
      > pull them out of school. Pretty flexible.
      > Katy in Alamogordo
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