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RE: [lascruceshomeschool] Re: Ami- curriculum suggestions?

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    We are excited, too! She is so far behind, just from lack of attention, that we know she is going to show huge gains, which can only help the home schooling
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 27, 2007
      We are excited, too! She is so far behind, just from lack of attention, that we know she is going to show huge gains, which can only help the home schooling cause. I spoke with her teacher, who is very happy she is being home schooled, another big plus!
      I have ordered some Alpha and Omega k5 materials, and in the meantime we are learning routines and exectations. She is a very busy little girl, and has a hard time staying where she is told and doing what she is told - not intentionally bad, just not used to grown-ups following through, or being expected to do anything herself. Last night we practiced writing her name, and she showed a lot of improvement in just a few tries - went from huge wide shapes she wasn't really looking at, to a very readable version. We will be meeting up with a homeschool group here at the park on Friday, and I am looking into Daisy Scouts. Now to work on brother's speech...

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      Were you able to find curriculum resources to fit your needs?
      It's been awhile since we've done pre-school around here, but I am
      SO excited to hear about the possibilities of homeschooling being
      available to foster children... I'm eager to check with those I know
      who might be homeschooling in that age group to help you find
      something that will work (read that: meet state approval)for you as
      you pave the way as a pioneer in this area! I can't think of
      ANYTHING else that might best meet the special needs of foster
      children than the individualized loving one-on-one attention
      homeschooling can provide, and it has often puzzled me that the
      option has always been met with such disapproval. I'm SO excited for
      you & yours, interested in how things move forward and how the rest
      of us might best support you in your groundbreaking efforts.
      Theresa "BK" Larson
      also can be reached at : newmeximom@yahoo. com

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      <cassieandmom@ ...> wrote:
      > This is exciting news!!!!!
      > I am running at a fast pace this AM but do have two suggestions
      you may or may not be familiar with and will be happy to get with
      you later (online or in-person) to discuss finding something that
      works. There's the LIVE ED program (Waldorf inspired- but you can
      tweak it to fit your needs- I'm not a big fan of the delayed reading
      thing...so I'd toss THAT part but I love the creative approaches to
      meeting age appropriate developmental needs/stages. )... And for
      records, you absolutely CAN'T BEAT the online HOMESCHOOL TRACKER...
      easy to use data entry that produces complete, impressive (for
      school #'s sort of folks) varied reports that make even the most
      chaotic and questionable of our homeschool days seem
      more "officially acceptable" and provide paper proof of productivity
      & progress.
      > Hooray to you!
      > and Continued Love & Luck to you & Yours!
      > Theresa "BK" Larson
      > Ami Segna <amisegna1@. ..> wrote:
      > We have a new foster child, five years old, who I have
      miraculously been given permission to home school. She is a little
      behind, but doesn't seem to have any learning disabilities. I am
      unofficially using Five in a Row (with lots of my own extensions)
      with my preschoolers, but since this is 'official', and will
      probably be watched closely, I want to use (or say I'm using!)
      an "official" curriculum. If the powers that be are happy with what
      we do, it can pave the way for a lot of other foster kids! Any
      suggestions? It can be religious or secular. I'm not crazy about
      Abeka's, but don't know anything about any others.
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