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    Hi Kari, Would it be o.k. if I email this to the Las Cruces Homeschoolers and to the Southern New Mexico Homeschool Association? I wonder if anyone would be
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      Hi Kari,

      Would it be o.k. if I email this to the Las Cruces Homeschoolers and to the Southern New Mexico Homeschool Association?  I wonder if anyone would be interested in attending from this area?  I just moved out here to Las Cruces and joined a newly formed group (Las Cruces Homeschool).

      If anyone is interested, should they email you too for RSVPs?


      Leticia Werner

      Homeschool Mom


      Hi Leticia.  Weren’t you just living up here in Albuquerque?  I recognize your name.

       Yes, I’d appreciate it if you’d forward it to the other groups.  Homeschoolers from anywhere are welcome to attend.  If there are homeschoolers coming from across the country for Xprize Cup, they’d be welcome to attend the camp-in with us.  I’d love for the word to spread far and wide.

       And, yes, they’d still RSVP to me.




      Field Trips and Classes Open to Homeschoolers-Viewable by Public > Space Museum Camp-in and Xprize Cup 2007

      Join Albuquerque Home Learners for a Camp-in at the New Mexico Museum of Space History in Alamogordo. 
      Wake up the next morning, and attend Education Day at Xprize Cup 2007.

      Families with children of all ages are welcome!  Children in Grades 1-12 can participate in the classes and activities.

      For children not participating in the classes at the space musuem, Group Discounts will be available at the Miniature Train Museum and Depot and at the Alameda Park Zoo, “The Oldest Zoo West of the Mississippi”.  

      Visit this link for information on more things to do in Alamogordo: http://www.alamogordo.com/tourism/attractions.html 

      RSVP Deadline to attend Xprize Cup and be included in educational materials for Xprize Cup is September 11th.]

      RSVP Deadline to attend Xprize Cup is September 30th.]

      Payment Deadline for the Space Museum Camp-in is September 30th. ]

      Your place on the camp-in list will not be secure until I have received your payment.]

      We must have a minimum of 25 participating kids to make the camp-in happen.]

      RSVP Instructions: ]

      Please RSVP by emailing Kari at adagioacademy@....  I do not want to track RSVPs here, since I don't want to tell the world who will be away from their homes that weekend.  I will respond to your email with information on where to mail your payment for the camp-in.]

      When you RSVP for the Camp-in, please provide:]

      Your name, your email address, total number of adults, total number of participating children, total number of non-participating children.  If any adults will be building rockets, please include that information as well.]

      ]When you RSVP for Xprize Cup, please provide: ]

      ]Your name, your email address, the total number in your group, and the grade levels represented by your family.]

      Camp-in Schedule: 
      October 25th

      Noon: Arrive, eat sack lunches (bring your own), orientation

      1:00- Tour of Museum
      2:30-Shop in the Gift Shop
      3:00-Build Rockets
      4:00-Paint Rockets
      5:00-Class: Living and Working In Space
      6:00-Dinner (We’ll Order Pizza In.  Or, you can eat out—only one hour to do so-- or bring your own food.)
      7:00-Visit the Planetarium
      8:00-IMAX movie: Magnificent Desolation-About the moon
      9:00-Shuttle Simulator
      10:00-Lights Out

      October 26th
      6:00 Wake-up
      6:30 Breakfast (We can bring in McDonald’s, you can bring in your own, or you can just wait until after the rocket launch to go eat out elsewhere.)
      7:00 Rocket Launch and Off to Xprize Cup

      The New Mexico Space Museum Overnighter is just $40 per participating child.  Adults are $20---or $30 if they want to build their own rockets.  This includes the rockets, the classes, the movie and planetarium…and everything else the kids get to experience…and a place to sleep in Alamogordo the night before Xprize.  Kindergarten children and younger can spend the night for free; if they tour the museum during the day, they’ll need to pay the regular admission fee.  Even non-participating adults will have to pay the $20 if they are spending the night there.  

      Staying at the museum gives you a place to spend the night in Alamogordo on Xprize Weekend…Hotels are mostly booked up.  Bring your own air mattress, sleeping bag and pillow.

      About Xprize Cup: 

      “Exploring the 2007 Wirefly X PRIZE Cup

      The Wirefly X PRIZE Cup represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for educating students. Never before has such an array of ground displays, rocketry, experimental vehicles, and aviation been assembled in one place. The X PRIZE Foundation capitalizes on our unique event for the benefit of students of all ages through our 2007 Education Day program. The Education Program is a special day specifically for students on Friday, October 26th. This year's program includes a set of competitions for 4th grade through high school as well as astronaut presentations, career panels, passport to space, and our Exploration Guide curriculum workbooks in addition to all other live and ground activities of the event.

      Our goal is not just to educate students, but to inspire them. The program creates an innovative combination of the formal education students receive in their classrooms and the informal education of the Wirefly X PRIZE Cup.

      The environment of the Cup is second to none in excitement and educational potential. It provides unique opportunities for students to experience multiple new space vehicles, simulators, presentations, and other displays while at the same time competing for their own events - an opportunity not possible anywhere else in the world.” (http://space.xprizeorg/x-prize-cup/explore/)

      “Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge

      The Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge is designed to accelerate commercial technological developments supporting the birth of a new generation of Lunar Landers capable of ferrying payloads or humans back and forth between lunar orbit and the lunar surface. More...

      Rocket Racing League

      Imagine if NASCAR vehicles were racing in the sky on a virtual track that swirled and circled above your head. Imagine four, five, six rockets, nose-to-nose, thundering over your head in a pins and needles race through the sky. That's the Rocket Racing League.

      The Rocket Racing League was established by X-Prize founder Peter Diamandis and two-time Indianapolis 500 champion team partner Granger Whitelaw to advance rocket technology, increase public awareness, and promote a whole new category of entertainment and competition. It will feature rocket-powered aircraft that will be flown by top pilots through a 'three-dimensional track way' at venues throughout the world. With millions of fans who enjoy racing and air shows, and an even wider audience enthralled with humanity's next step into space, rocket racing is destined to become the future of racing. Come see the Mark-1 X-Racer, and one day, when millions of people are watching it race through the sky, you will be able to say you were there when it all began.”                                          (http://space.xprize.org/x-prize-cup/attractions/air/)

      The New Mexico Space Museum Overnighter is just $40 per participating child.  Adults are $20---or $30 if they want to build their own rockets.  This includes the rockets, the classes, the movie and planetarium…and everything else the kids get to experience.  It also gives you a place to sleep Thursday night…and hotel rooms aren’t easy to come by in Alamogordo this weekend.

      Xprize Cup is FREE. 
      Please feel free to contact Kari Mackay adagioacademy@... with any questions.



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