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Re: [lascruceshomeschool] Welcome Lorrie

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    HI Leticia. I think I remember your name from one of the ABQ groups. You were selling your house in Los Lunas, right? The LC group sounds great. I will try
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 4, 2007
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      HI Leticia.  I think I remember your name from one of the ABQ groups.  You were selling your house in Los Lunas, right?  The LC group sounds great.  I will try to get down there during our Oct trip. 

      leticia_werner <trex0400@...> wrote:

      Welcome to our homeschool group. Although, this group just formed a
      few weeks ago, there is a grand flow of interested homeschoolers
      inquiring and joining. The city has grown since I was a kid. I grew
      up in Stahmann's Farm (Largest pecan orchard in the world and in
      Australia) just 10 miles south of Las Cruces. I came back to this old
      town in June 2007 and found a whole new world. Housing seems a bit
      high in the city but pretty reasonable off of Hwy 70 (east) or south
      of Las Cruces, like San Miguel, Mesquite, or Vado. The people are very
      friendly and eager to lend a helping hand. There is a unique culture
      of humanity out here, Mexican-Americans, Mexicans, White, Spanish, and
      of course in the college area (NMSU)you'll find others. The crime
      rate is low but it does have it's times. There is a co-op that my
      husband and I discovered. I'm not too sure of the name but is
      affiliated with the Co-op in Albuquerque. Perhaps, someone else who
      knows the city better than I do, may jump in and write you some more
      in resonse to your questions. Here is a small paragraph I pulled up
      off the internet about Las Cruces. Hope to meet you and your family

      Las Cruces, city in southern New Mexico, seat of Dona Ana County, in
      the irrigated Mesilla Valley, near the Río Grande River. Manufactures
      include hosiery and processed agricultural commodities (cotton,
      pecans, onions). New Mexico State University (1888) is here, and White
      Sands Missile Range (an important military testing facility) and
      several picturesque mountain ranges are nearby. The city's name,
      Spanish for "the crosses," refers to the graves of some 40 travelers
      massacred by Apache peoples here in 1830. Las Cruces was plotted in
      1849. Neighboring Mesilla was briefly a Confederate territorial
      capital during the American Civil War (1861-1865). The city was
      incorporated in 1907. Population 45,086 (1980); 62,126 (1990); 74,267
      (2000); 82,671 (2005 estimate).

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