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Re: [lascruceshomeschool] curriculum?

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  • ekcfrench@comcast.net
    Hi Amissa! I ordered Yogamazing: Yoga For The Kid In All Of Us from B&N and we are really looking forward to getting it. Your book club sounds like a really
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      Hi Amissa!
      I ordered Yogamazing: Yoga For The Kid In All Of Us from B&N and we are really looking forward to getting it.  Your book club sounds like a really great idea. Good luck!
      I signed my kids up at www.bookadventure.com.  It's a free reading website run my Sylvan Learning.  Kids can chose books appropriate to their reading level from a huge list, take quizzes and earn points for prizes.  My daughter, 7, who struggles a great deal in reading due to a neurological disorder, is having a blast.  She's amassed over 1,000 points this summer. 
      For anyone out there who has mid to high school-aged children, I ran across this site:  http://clepprep.tripod.com/cleplessonplans.  CLEP is College-Level Examation Program.  The site was designed by parents for their daughter and can be used for accumulating college credits while still in high school.  It looks pretty interesting.
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      From: Amissa Burton <foodietx@...>

      Glad to help and to meet a kindred spirit! ;-)  Congratulations on the new biz.  I actually went to culinary school before becoming a yoga teacher and catered and did personal chef work for awhile.  It is an adventure and you will always have a sympathetic ear for any job related stories here!  I miss it sometimes and find myself doing silly things like making wedding cakes for friends once in awhile or catering a wedding or baby shower, but I hung up my chef hat for more than just friends when I embarked on my yoga. Best of luck to you guys!!!!
      If there's any curriculum I've mentioned that you want to check out and B&N doesn't have it, drop me a line and I'll point you in the right direction or we can always have a pow wow.  I'm always open to friends browsing our learning room- we've got a LOT of stuff!  I'm a bargain shopper and try never to pay full price for homeschool stuff.  Of course that was easier when I was in Dallas with Half Price Books and 75% off Books!!!  But my favorite places to browse are used bookstores, library sales and there are several Yahoo groups online as well as the for sale homeschool pages on Veg Source.  Rainbow Resource is good to and usually slightly less than retail, and of course Ebay!  I got my history and science in packages through www.classicalhomeeducation.com

      ekcfrench@... wrote:
      Wow!  Thanks so much!  I've printed your response and I'm heading to Barnes&Noble tomorrow!
      As you can tell, I'm a night-owl...this is my quiet time and when I do a good deal of my research, gathering of materials and lesson planning for homeschool. 
      I think we could be kindred spirits.  My housekeeping skills are virtually non-existant; however, I just recently turned my passion for cooking into my new career.  My best friend and I just started a catering company and we landed a pretty large account last week...wish us luck. 
      Thanks for your recommendation and I'll keep you posted on how it goes.
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      From: Amissa Burton <foodietx@...>
      LOL- SLEEP??!!???  Actually my 6 yr old is a late riser and NOT a morning person so sometimes I'm very guilty of turning on Diego and Dora for the 3 yr old and stealing an extra hour or two in the morning (he's a VERY early riser, directly opposite of his sister!)  Anyways, my daughter responds best to mid morning school at the earliest so that's when we do it...And I occasionally have wild bouts of insomnia which help... LOL
      Did I mention that I'm not the best housekeeper in the world???  Though I do love to cook... just not clean up! ;-p
      Anytime you get a wild hair and want to come to EP- I'll have kids and family Yoga classes in the Fall during the day- my website is www.oneworldyoga.com, though I haven't posted a schedule yet!
      My very favorite video as a homeschooler and parent, as well as a yoga teacher, is Yoga For The Kid In All of Us- he is fun and good for me and my kids, plus he plays guitar and explains the physical science aspects of yoga in a fun Alton Brown "Good Eats" way, so it's educational too!
      Rodney Yee's Family Yoga is beautifully shot but more appropriate for families with kids 8 and up I would say.
      For just Kids:
      My kids love E-I-E-I Yoga which is cheesy and kitschy with the farmer doing yoga with his animal friends (humans in costume! LOL) but my kids love it.
      They also like Wai Lana's Little Yogis tapes- I'm not fond of her voice (the kids like it though) but it's a pretty good series other than that.
      YogaKids is okay but doesn't seem to completely hold my kiddo's attentions.  Though I know other parents who use it with great success.

      ekcfrench@... wrote:
      Hi Amissa:
      Totally off the subject, but...when do you sleep??
      Also, since you're in El Paso, there's no chance of taking Yoga classes from you; however, I LOVE my Yoga VHS tape.  It's Dixie Carter...I know it sounds silly, but she got me started.  My kids (10 and 7) love doing it with me.  We've outgrown Dixie I think and I was wondering if you could recommend some other tapes the children and I can do together. 
      Katie French  (ekcfrench@...)
      Las Cruces, NM
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      From: Amissa Burton <foodietx@...>
      Hi Annamarie!
      I have a 6 yr old and a 3 yr old.  We take an eclectic approach to homeschooling- in other words we use a little of everything! LOL
      For my daughter- I use Explode The Code for Phonics along with easy readers and a McGuffey primer.  We use Rightstart Math, which is an amazing abacus based program we all love.  We use Story of The World for History and hope to soon order R.E.A.L. Science through Classical Education.  I loosely go by Well Trained Mind and we have started their grammar book- Early Language Lessons At Home.  We use Handwriting Without Tears.  We loosely follow the Charlotte Mason Nature Study idea and we use Five In A Row with a combination of lapbooking/notebooking.  I print Spelling off from the computer, although I have Natural Speller and an actual 1st grade Spelling text, but the online program that has printable worksheets is more "fun" since it uses puzzles and word searches in it's lessons http://sciencekit.com/article.asp_Q_ai_E_295#spelling1.1
      We have Art Adventures At Home as well as some of the artist specific books with activities but I've just discovered an online Yahoo group that sends a weekly artist based lesson that I may use instead or with:
      I also plan on ordering a money mgmt. curriculum since we want to start her on allowance this year:
      She has piano lessons for music and gymnastics and also Girl Scouts-I co-lead her troop.
      WOOOO! I know it sounds like a ton, but we school for maybe 2 hours a day.  Then we go swim at the Y, do the library, or the above extra curriculars.
      As for my son, he asks to "learn" like his sister, so we do what I did with her at 3 which is Early Education At Home correlated with Before Five In A Row and Slow and Steady Get Me Ready.  I throw in a lot of cutting and pasting as well as some Montessori type stuff (sand letters, etc), which is actually all part of Early Education.
      In the Fall we will add Spanish classes for both of them at a local foreign language place and I'll be hosting some co-ops.
      I try to schedule us so we have at least 2 "home" days a week without leaving (unless it's an hour in the Y nursery so I can walk the treadmill or catch a Salsa class), and only 1 of the 3 days we leave is a high activity day (like classes or co-op).  That may become 2 days this Fall since many of the things we do are now divided into a 3-5 category and 6 and up which means we have 2 classes instaed of 1 unfortunately, but we'll see how it goes.  Did I mention I teach Yoga somewhere in there and we're involved at our UU church??? LOL
      I spend maybe $1000 per year on homeschool stuff including consumable supplies and ANY books I buy that I'd use for the kids (which is a lot since we are book addicts!).  That does not include the extra classes we do, but if they were public schooling, I'd probably still pay for those, so I don't include it in my homeschooling budget so to speak.  Some of the things we use had a one time big cost and now we just by the next level book- like our Math program, we bought all the manipulatives in the beginning and now I only pay for the new workbook/manual each year or the Five In A Row manuals, etc.. I'd say I might spend $500 a year on actual curriculum.  Most of what we use is pretty inexpensive- it's the consumables for art supply, paper, ink for the printer, etc. that racks up! LOL
      I have a ton of links for stuff we don't use but I save in case we do want to use it thanks to my homeschool groups when I lived in Dallas.  So feel free to ask if you're looking for something specific!
      Some great free curriculum ones are
      www.amblesideonline.org full Charlotte Mason curriculum K-12
      www.msnucleus.org  Science K-12
      www.homeschoolshare.com Free Literature Based Unit Studies

      annamarierw <annamarierw@...> wrote:
      Hi everyone My name is Annamarie I am the mother of two beautiful
      daughters Skyler(6) and Taylor(4).I homeschooled last year but since it
      was only for Kinder. we have not used a set curriculum. I am having a
      hard time choosing which one would be right for us. Also My mother is
      thinking about homeschooling my 11 yr old sister(6th grade). I would
      just like to know what curriculum any of you have tried or heard of and
      what your oppinions about them are. We are not looking for anything
      religious just a regular curriculum. Also one that is not going to cost
      me an arm and a leg. Any help you could offer would be greatly

      Annamarie Waldon

      **Amissa- Yoga Addicted, Homeschooling Mommy of 2**
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      **Amissa- Yoga Addicted, Homeschooling Mommy of 2**
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      **Amissa- Yoga Addicted, Homeschooling Mommy of 2**
           "Minds, like parachutes, function best when open."
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