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El Paso Homeschoolers Book Club- First One In August

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  • Amissa Burton
    HI All! I ve created a Book Club for our kiddos. The Yahoo group I ve created has the exact dates and topics, we will meet on a Monday once a month at a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2006
      HI All!
      I've created a Book Club for our kiddos.  The Yahoo group I've created has the exact dates and topics, we will meet on a Monday once a month at a restaurant in El Paso.  Exact location is also in the Yahoo group.  For child protection reasons, I have the group set for approval in order to join and get the exact information.  All ages are welcome!  Here is the description I've posted for it:
      We meet once a month to let our children discuss a book of their choice. There will be a monthly theme for the book topic. The aim of the group is to encourage reading, enhance public speaking skills and allow our children a venue for educational expression and discussion, as well as a vehicle for forming friendships. 
      Here's the group address:
      I don't plan on there being much discussion on the Yahoo group, just a vehicle for reminders and posting topics and location info as well as RSVPs each month so I know who to look for.  Hope you can join us!

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