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RE: [lascruceshomeschool] Alma d'Arte Charter High School afterschool programs

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  • Melani Daves Moore
    WOW! Those are really awesome classes--and free! ... From: lascruceshomeschool@yahoogroups.com [mailto:lascruceshomeschool@yahoogroups.com]On Behalf Of
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      WOW! Those are really awesome classes--and free!

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      afterschool programs

      We're hoping Danielle can get into Alma d'Arte Charter High School
      when it's time. Entry is by lottery but I was told that if she is
      known around there, she has an easier chance to get in.
      They have FREE afterschool programs for high school students (don't
      have to be students of the school). This is a great way to get your
      foot in the door. Dani is taking Reader's Theater and Photoshop.
      That gives her activities 4 days/week. Here's a list of things they
      have going on at Alma d'Arte afterschool and a number to call if you
      are interested.....

      Found Objects Art/Printmaking: Tu & Th 4:05-5:05pm.
      Class is split into two spearate art forms which will weave into one
      another. Found objects will explore turning leftovers and left outs
      into the most unique art forms, which are let up to our own
      intuition. Printmaking will delve into the idea of print media, art,
      stamping, carving and pressing.

      Ceramics: Thurs 4:05 - 6:00pm
      Learn to create in clay using methods for constructing both
      sculptural and functional forms. Clay and firing are free!

      Student Film Making: M & W 4:05 - 6:00pm
      Students will approach film as an art orm by interpreting and
      analyzing film, learning techniques and producing film.

      Drumming: W 4:05 - 5:05
      Get your beat down with some improvisational African Hand Drums.

      Photoshop CS/Illistrator CS: 4:05 - 5:35 Tu & Th
      Learn to develop and manipulate digital graphics using Adobe
      Photoshop/Illustrator CS

      Human Rights Action Group: Th 4:05-5:30pm
      We will educate ourselves on human rights abuses worldwise and raise
      awareness in the community.

      Dance: 4:05-5:30
      M & W: Jazz/Latin or Beg. Ballet Folklorico
      Tu & Th: Modern or Intermed. Ballet Folklorico

      Puzzle Forms: Tu & Th 4:05-5:35pm
      Work with a variety o media to assemble and create artwork using and
      inspired by jigsaw puzzles.

      Illustration: M & W 4:05 - 5:15pm
      Create Imagery to accompany short stories using dry mediums. You
      will use colored pencils and chalk pastel as paint.

      Readers Theater: M & W 4:05 - 5:30pm
      Each session is devoted to reading a play and discussion afterward.
      A great time for those who are aspiring actors and literary types.

      Video Gaming: Tu & W 4:05 - 5:30pm
      NMSU's College of Education and Court Youth Center will be
      participating in a research project named MATRIX. THe project brings
      together students, teachers and university researchers working to
      examine how video games can be used or learning mathc. The research
      is part of a larger national effort to understand if digital
      technologies, especially video games, are useful as learning tools.

      All classes will be held at the Court Youth Center/Alma d'Arte
      Charter High School, 402 W. Court Ave, Las Cruces.

      Open to all high school students.

      All art materials are provided at no cost to the student.

      For more information, call Joie A. Morillo, M-Th between 2:30-6:00pm
      at 541-0145

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