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814Re: Truancy laws NM/ Daytime curfew for homeschoolers?

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  • b_gregorio
    Sep 13, 2010
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      Carla, Ami- thank you so much for the info! I think the L.A. curfew incident that Ami linked to was the one I had read about in HEM (Home Education Magazine). Some place in Connecticut had tried something similar I think, but failed. Good grief.

      So that's settled- no daytime curfew in Las Cruces. Yeay! I am glad there are so many homeschoolers in NM :) I live in a county in VA where supposedly a good 20% of all kids are homeschooled (I heard), so the "No school today?!" question comes up very rarely in the grocery store etc. Thanks Carla for give me some peace of mind about the Las Cruces situation.

      I am looking forward to meeting you all in October.

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