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813Re: [lascruceshomeschool] Truancy laws NM/ Daytime curfew for homeschoolers?

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  • Carla
    Sep 12, 2010
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      All of New Mexico has a nighttime curfew for kids from midnight to 5am. The only daytime ones are in Roswell and Rio Rancho. Im out with my kid on school days often, no authority ever asked me about it.

      On Sun, Sep 12, 2010 at 1:30 PM, AMI SEGNA <amisegna1@...> wrote:

      Diffrent cities may have their own evening curfew laws - I haven't heard of any daytime ones, and you have me curious now - and will also differ on how they are enforced, but there are a LOT of home schoolers in NM - I wouldn't expect any sort of harrassment unless the kids are getting into trouble of some sort! I've never heard of any authority-types harrassing anyone, just curious questions from people you may encounter (i.e. No school today?)

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      Subject: [lascruceshomeschool] Truancy laws NM/ Daytime curfew for homeschoolers?

      Hello- we are homeschoolers from VA, moving to Las Cruces shortly, to join my husband for a while who has already started a 6-month temporary work project there. We will all be going back to our house in VA if the contract is not renewed in spring. I therefore intend to keep my "a-pain-to-refile" Virginia-NOI (notice of intent) on the books for now, as for now I consider us temporary visitors in NM.
      Is there a daytime curfew in NM for school-age children? Do you get harassed when you are out with your older homeschooled kids during the day (shopping, etc.), to produce paperwork? Sorry for sounding so paranoid, but I heard some states have introduced these curfews, locally. I thought I'd better ask about it before I run into truancy issues.

      Thanks! Hope to meet you all soon.

      (My kids are 1st and 4th grade, homeschooled since the beginning)

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