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767Fw: BEWARE of Taking No Action!

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    Nov 1, 2009

      There really is no reason for thanking me for doing my job. I strongly believe from the first day that I signed up to be the moderator that it means I have a responsibility to you. A responsibility not to allow any posting that isn't accurate and to delete all spam. We all know that filtering spam on Yahoo is a full time job LOL! When I first began seeing posts about how great the programs are at http://savingmorethanbefore.com I knew I had to do my research. 37 different people have posted on this group telling us the fortunes that they saved using these programs. The first thing I did using computer tracking technology was to verify that these people weren't the same person using different names. The 37 people were all different coming from 29 different states. 5 others came from different parts of the same state. So I decided to put this program to the test and ordered the sampler. As you now know the rest is history. I saved and am saving a fortune using this wonderful program. So please don't thank me, as your moderator I was only doing my job.

      Administrative Group Moderator