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    Oct 27, 2009

      Your moderator recently discussed the research that they did and their subsequent recommendation of the programs being offered at http://savingmorethanbefore.com As a result of this posting we have received hundreds of inquiries both about the moderator and the programs. We have verified that that message did indeed come from your moderator. As far as the programs and the business we have verified that all their business paperwork is filed and up to date. We have also verified that they have been in business since October 1977 and in that time they have had a total of 2 consumer complaints both of which was rectified to the consumers satisfaction. We have also verified that they have served in excess of 675,000 people throughout the 50 states. The moderator has forwarded receipts to us showing savings in the following amounts: 83%, 72%, 91% and 88%. We therefore conclude that the program is legitimate and the research done by your moderator is accurate.