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74Re: [lascruceshomeschool] help needed

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  • Patricia Jacques
    Aug 3, 2005
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      Oh I have to say I had problems with her last year.  Did you happen to register online?  If so, they should send you an email confirmation.  You can try this number I had from last year 505-857-6909.  It took FOREVER for Ms. Larkin to return my emails and calls.  But hopefully that just means that there is a great number of New Mexico families homeschooling!!!

      annamarierw <annamarierw@...> wrote:
      Hello All

        It has been a while since I have posted as I was moving, but we are
      in Las Cruces now!!! Can't wait to talk to you all and to learn alot
      more. I need some help.
      I have already registered my 5yr. old daughter (Skyler) a while ago
      fact, and I have called a Mrs. Larkin @ (505)827-6676 to get written
      confermation of it but keep getting the run around. She has talked to
      my husband and told him that she would do so that day, that was
      about 3 weeks ago. Since then we have called her numerous times and
      have gotten no responce but an answering machine.... Does anyone know
      where else I might call or someone to get in touch with to get
      Thanks in advance..
                                                        Annamarie Waldon

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