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708Relief for those who want to stay at Disneyland hotels

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  • shealeader
    May 30, 2009
      This is in regards to the Not Back to School Days Rally and Conference, September 14-17, 2009 and is very helpful to those who want to split up their costs.

      Hotel reservations need to be purchased by June 1st! Not too long ago, Disneyland set us up with a direct booking page for the hotel rooms - and many people are booking just their hotel rooms direct for a couple of reasons:

      1) they don't charge your card right away (or so I'm told, you might want to verify this when you call Disneyland) which means you will pay upon check in, but we still get credit for the room counts when you go through the link and tell them you are with the Southwest Home Educators homeschool conference. We've got to fill a certain number of rooms to have the conference space, so if you want to stay at the hotel, please reserve your room NOW. After June 1st, we are going to return unsold rooms back to the hotel and reduce conference space (which is okay, we have waaaayyyy more space than we need). So the rates may go up for anyone who has not made their reservations.

      2) you get a better cancellation policy by going through the direct booking option. On our contracts, we are at 80-90 percent cancellation fee right now (which DLR is relentless about), but if you go direct you have up to 72 hours prior to the trip to cancel.

      The cancellation policy does not include park hoppers - due to the group educational rate and the fact that we have to organize all the class schedules, you still need to get those through SHEA. Park hoppers need to be purchased by the end of June, but classes are on first come basis, so if you are planning on attending any YES classes or conference workshops, that is something to take into consideration. YES classes are not required to get the group rate.

      So, to book the hotel direct:

      To get the park hoppers, talent show tickets, homecoming dance, tshirts, and womens brunch, and download a conference packet:

      Hope this helps!

      Dianne McLean

      PS – I don't check emails on Sundays, but I will wait until 4pm on Monday to send the final room counts to Disney, so we can get things worked out during the day.