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692GROUP NOTICE: Follow-up Report

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  • marian.ross@ymail.com
    Feb 26, 2009
      GROUP NOTICE: Follow-up Report

      Hello Members,

      After receiving several glowing recommendations for the sampler program
      at http://supermarketloophole.com I decided I had to test the program
      and last week I reported to you that the grocery savings part of the
      program does work and I might add is quite substantial in the amount
      you save. Today, I am reporting about the restaurant part of the
      program. Last night my family and I consisting of four people went to
      dine out at a chain restaurant and the total bill was only $ 12.26. We
      ate desserts, entrees and appetizers. It looks like this program is
      rapidly proving to be a gem! I will keep you posted.

      Group Administrator