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685A Great Way To Make Some Easy Cash!

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  • marian.ross@ymail.com
    Jan 30, 2009
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      A Great Way To Make Some Easy Cash!

      Hi Friends I am forwarding this letter that I received yesterday in
      hopes that it will help some struggling people:

      AUSTIN, TX - In 1977 we set out to develop programs to help Americans
      find a better and higher standard of living through savings. Since
      that time over 600,000 people have taken advantage of our cutting
      edge savings programs and saved almost $35,000,000.00 and we have
      paid out over $ 500,000 to people who have spread the word of our
      programs through our Referral Bonus Program. We realize that the
      challenge we face today is far greater than anything ever experienced
      before. Americans are struggling, unemployed and facing the reality
      that they can longer pay their bills. I feel an obligation to assist
      as many people as possible and thus I have issued an immediate
      directive to set aside 100,000 items of every product that we carry
      and give them away at our cost. If you visit our website at
      http://unitedstatesdiscounts.com any item that you purchase will
      check out at 50% off the posted price on our website. It is going to
      take many individuals and companies to help others for us to reverse
      this economic collapse. Being a company whose entire mission since
      1977 has been to assist people in saving money, I feel that we must
      take the first step.

      Edward R. Forbes, CEO
      World Products Ltd