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68RE: [lascruceshomeschool] Re: Plans for the Fall

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  • Melani Daves Moore
    Jul 25, 2005
      We will do some structured learning in the mornings. For some reason, the
      idea of unschooling makes sense to me but also scares me. I know that's
      what we did for his first 6 years, and it worked out great, but I just have
      the need to make sure he has some traditional education. I really believe
      that he will learn more, understand more, and retain more if he initiates
      the interest. I'm just not patient enough to completely sit back and let it
      happen naturally at this point. Sad, huh.

      Anyway, I have math and spelling curriculum for him. Other than that, we'll
      read lots of books together and explore interests in other ways than
      sit-down learning. I have month by month ideas of topics we'll read books
      on, but we will adjust depending on what he shows more/less interest in.
      Even though there will be bits of scheduled learning each morning, the bulk
      of his day will be free to explore the world around him as he sees fit.
      He's reading really well, and he loves math and catches on really quickly,
      so my main hope for this year is to spark an interest in writing. Right
      now, he will do 30 pages in a math workbook for the fun of it on a
      non-school day, and my hope is that he retains that love for learning.

      I, too, would love to get together at least once a month. If we wanted just
      an informal play group at the park, once a week would be fine. If we want
      to get more organized with a shared learning opportunity, once a month is
      probably better. The one issue I have, that some of you may also have, is
      that my 22 month-old naps in the late mornings right now. I would guess
      that in a few months, she'll start napping in the early afternoon. That
      means that a time that works perfectly for us now may be during nap time in
      a few months. I don't mind forcing a later or earlier nap once a month, but
      I'd rather not do it on a weekly basis.

      I look forward to hearing from others!

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