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  • stellyclan5
    Sep 30, 2008
      --- In lascruceshomeschool@yahoogroups.com, "kaseycosley"
      <kaseycosley@...> wrote:
      > Hello. We have recently moved to Las Cruces. I have two sons -- ages
      > 7 and almost 11. We are home-schooling here, and have not yet met any
      > other kids their ages. If anyone knows of any home school
      > social/field trips that we could attend, please let me know. My boys
      > are into team sports, art, music, and general boy-play. Good kids who
      > mostly play with each other, but would like some outside friends as
      > well. Thanks!
      Hi my name is Stacey and we are meeting a Young Park on Wednesday of
      every week, you and your boys are welcome my younger kids are boys and
      there ages are 8 and 11. The Owhl Group will be there tomorrow about
      12p.m. I hope this helps, I live in the Sonoma Ranch area. I hope to
      see you there. (We meet way in the back by the pond and playground).
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