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  • summer watts
    Feb 1, 2008
      tomorow there is a cat in the hat event at club fussion in las cruces its free and they give out books too. last year we did this and had loads of fun

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      That would probably be me! We have a giant African millipede now, too. I'm Ami, with the long curly brown hair, and sometimes there is Amanda, with the straight blonde hair and the cute little baby bump (but don't mention it, because she's still coming to grips with the gaining weight thing!)

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      I'm thinking we MIGHT know you... it might be you that my girls always chat with about the adorable rodents you keep on your desk!

      Ami Segna <amisegna1@msn. com> wrote:
      Thanks! If you ever make it up to Alamo, stop by the library, I'm usually there at the Children's desk.
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      Subject: [lascruceshomeschoo l] Re: public school socializing

      Your response makes me smile! TOO true... hope to meet you one day
      as we're our own kind of lovelable wierd too!!!


      --- In lascruceshomeschool @yahoogroups. com, AMI SEGNA
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      > I always tell parents worried about socializing to stand at the
      edge of a playground during recess time, and then ask
      themselves, "Are these really the social skills I want my child to
      learn?" Kids learn their social skills from whoever they are around.
      When you home school, that means YOU, as well as whoever you choose
      to have your kids spend time with. If you are weird, then yes, your
      kid will probably be weird. But I happen to like my brand of weird :)
      > To: lascruceshomeschool @...: ekcfrench@.. .: Thu, 31 Jan 2008
      19:55:28 +0000Subject: [lascruceshomeschoo l] Re: 50/50 homeschool
      public school split
      > Hi Lisa Jo:My name is Katie. The LEHEA (Land Of Enchantment Home
      Educators Association) website address is:
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/LEHEA/ . We are a relatively new
      homeschool group, formed in July 2007, but we are growing! LEHEA is
      a very diverse group of homeschoolers with kids ranging in age from
      8 months to 16 years. We all have completely different styles of
      homeschooling. Some of us (myself included) even have kids that
      still attend public schools. And, that's what makes us such a great
      group! Some of the parents have formed co-op education classes and
      clubs, such as Fun Science and Notebooking. There is also an awesome
      field trip scheduled for Ruidoso in February that your whole family
      can attend. Our group, LEHEA,is all about everyone being included!I
      think the idea of a 50/50 split is a good one. My son was given the
      opportunity to attend "specials" at Desert Hills Elementary and he
      did. He receives speech therapy services at Desert Hills and was
      invited to attend Library class as well, which he did. The PE coach
      invited him to attend PE, and the Art, Music, and Computer teachers
      opened their classes. I wouldn't recommend you place your son in a
      50/50 split for the purposes of him getting socialization because it
      just won't happen. In most schools, the children aren't even allowed
      to talk to one another during lunch and the only recess is the lunch
      recess, which is about 15-20 minutes. Furthermore, you would have to
      coordinate when he attended school because the teachers teach their
      core subjects in "blocks" during the morning hours or afternoon
      hours with specials during other "blocks" on certain days. I would
      recommend that if your particular elementary school is open to
      allowing him to attend the specials, go for it. As for
      socialization, you can join homeschool groups, get him involved in
      some of the programs going on at the rec. centers, etc. I think
      you'll find that attending park days, clubs, field trips, etc. will
      be more than enough socialization for your son...in fact, it will be
      more than he actually gets in the school setting. If you still have
      questions, feel free to contact Marguerite Quinones at Central
      Office. She's over homeschoolers and she can give you some great
      information. She's a wonderful person and extremely helpful. Also,
      we'd love to have you and anyone else who might be interested join
      our group.http:/ /groups.yahoo. com/group/ LEHEA/--- In
      lascruceshomeschool @yahoogroups. com, Lisa Jo Elliott <lelliott@>
      wrote:>> Hi all,> I'm new here. My husband (Floyd) and I are
      considering pulling my son > out of first grade and homeschooling
      him for the rest of the year. > Somewhere I heard that you could do
      a 50/50 split where you homeschool > in the morning and the child
      attends the afternoon session of the public > school to maintain
      friendships. Does anyone know about this and how it > is done?>
      Thanks,> Lisa Jo>

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