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49RE: [lascruceshomeschool] preschool or not?

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  • Melani Daves Moore
    Jun 6, 2005
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      I agree wholeheartedly, Heather.


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      Hi all- had to pipe in with a different view- maybe preaching to the choir
      here mostly, but most homeschool parents report that their kids are so much
      more positively socialized than others their age. They learn none of the
      negative socialization that large groups often display: the whole "kids can
      be so cruel" thing. I'll assert that large groups of one age interacting is
      proabably not that natural for our development, mixed ages (meaning from
      0-100, not 2-4) seems to be the way we were intended to mix. My son, who
      never went to school, but has attended art, theatre, karate, gymnastics,
      music, etc. etc. , is an interesting kid. I receive comments like "i can
      tell he's homeschooled, because he interacts so well with all ages" (a prof
      from NMSU said this at the Earth day thing last year) other people comment
      on how kind he is to littler kids, and can play or interact with babies on
      up to grandparents and enjoy it equally as much. He is very independent in a
      large group- will approach an artist at a gallery and comment on their work
      very articulately, for example- or raise his hand at a ranger-led talk on
      nature with questions and jokes, very unabashedly... anyways, now I'm
      verging on bragging (or have I already crossed that line? ) but just wanted
      to put my two cents in. I think he functions so well in society- and I was
      scared to death of people (was public schooled) until I was 20! And friend-
      making? He's an expert! no missed opportunities- he'll approach kids in many
      settings, introduce himself, and soon be leading an imaginative adventure
      with whoever he can recruit at a park, or wherever!
      If you can't part with your little one, don't! Your instincts are there for
      a reason... I sure didn't want to- and am proud of the results! (my son will
      be ten soon, but many of these stories would describe him at 6 or 7, too)

      good luck!
      Heather Rische, LM, CPM
      Special Projects Manager
      Mountain View Market
      Las Cruces, NM
      NM Licensed Midwife
      TX Documented Midwife
      Certified Professional Midwife
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