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  • Melani Daves Moore
    Jun 5, 2005
      Welcome, Margarita. Hmm, do I know you from somewhere. The name sounds so
      familiar! Just kidding, of course, I know I know you.

      People who are against homeschooling love to bring up the socialization
      issue, but they fail to bring up the negative parts of socialization. It's
      not all positive. Here is a good response that I copied from a message
      board I visit:

      "Well, if my daughter stays in school I'm afriad she'll miss out on her
      family. I'm afraid we'll grow apart during her most important years. I'm
      afraid one day I'll wake up and find out my kids have been raised by
      teachers and taught by other kids. I'm afriad we will miss out on traveling
      because it won't suit the schools schedule. I'm afriad my kids will learn
      about sex, lies, backstabbing, prejudice, drugs and pain the HARD way. I'm
      also afriad they would miss out on the special things that happen in our
      everyday lives, just because you wouldn't want them to miss out on having a
      15 minute a day lunch with 20 other kids and an organized play time."

      Socialization in school isn't even "real world" socialization. In the "real
      world" people interact with others of all different ages during the day. I
      am looking forward to my children getting a lot of positive, real-world,
      cultural socialization through volunteer work do as a family. I also LOVE
      the fact that my children will spend their childhoods together and not
      running in different directions from school to after-school activities, etc.
      Anyway, here are a few links that discuss these issues:








      Oh, and I am always jealous of those who started planning to homeschool
      early! I am now trying to catch up and learn everything I can as quickly as
      possible. I think you'd be an awesome homeschool mom!

      Melani Moore
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