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  • Margarita
    Jun 5, 2005
      Hi Katy,

      Thanks for the greeting and the info. I guess I feel
      it's peer/family pressure and just the expectation
      that kids start preschool at 3 because all the family
      kids have. Also, all the usual things, kids can get
      bored at home, they need to get out, they need to:
      -interact with other kids, peer, adults on a
      consistent basis
      -learn to take turns
      -follow directions
      -work cooperatively
      -develop independence
      -nurture friendships {without me hovering :)}

      Now, I know there are opportunities for learning this
      outside of preschool but the comments I get when I
      mention that I'm considering keeping her home and
      possibly homeschooling are always along the same
      She'll be missing out on socializing with her peer
      group and being with other kids. I'll be isolating
      her. Basically, that she'll be missing out on an
      important social and cultural experience. I have to
      say the few times she's walked by preschool/ daycare
      rooms she peeks in and really wants to go in and I
      feel kind of selfish about wanting to HS.

      My other concern is that if I HS then a few years
      later we decide to send her to school that may be
      quite a culture shock. Social interactions between
      kids at school can be really rough! Of course we all
      have to learn to deal with different personalities but
      the question is how much variety and how early.

      Thanks for letting me ramble and for your input.


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