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  • Margarita
    Jun 4, 2005
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      Hi, I'm Margarita,

      I just joined. I'm a SAHM and we've lived in LC about 2 years. I have
      an almost-2 year old and I've been thinking about homeschooling but
      seriously doubt I have the organizational skills to pull it off.
      Honestly, I'm scared and intimidated by the thought but I don't really
      feel that I'll be ready to let go of her next year when it's time to
      ship her off to pre-school. I don't want my indecision or my lack of
      information to end up making my decision in the end so I want to learn
      as much as I can from the start. I am completely and absolutely
      uninformed about the subject so I'm eager to hear(or read) all
      opinions and suggestions. No tip or bit of information is too obvious
      for me. :) Looking forward to learning from and getting to know

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