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39Re: [lascruceshomeschool] un-schooling???

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  • Katy Jennings
    Jun 3, 2005
      Unschooling is an absence of forced learning.  We go where our interests carry us.  We go to lots of museums, parks, the library, the zoo, I leave books, artifacts, games, etc. around the house for my son to find, I tell him about things I know or have just learned, I get movies and games that I think he will like, or ones that I like!  We went to the Alamo at the end of last year, and now Richard's favorite movie (at the moment) is The Alamo.  That and Monty Python and the Holy Grail!  <g>
      We have days that are just packed with stuff, it seem that we are so busy, then there are days that it looks like we are not doing anything.  Right now I am in the process of rearranging my bedroom, after painting it.  So, though we are not out going places, Richard is out studying the mice that live in our flowerbed.  Yeah, he is just watching them,  but he is learning a lot.  He came in asking what they eat, I told him what they like best, so he loaded a live trap with apples and peanut butter and seeds.  We love them, but don¬ít want them in the house so we will relocate them to the desert.   Today he has also made his own lightsaber, fed the birds, identified some of the birds who eat at our house, played some volleyball with the neighborhood kids, and mused about his friends' parents who decide that when the kids are having the most fun is the perfect time to do chores.   And it is only almost 1pm.  And he woke up at 9:30.
      The bottom line is that I do not force him to do "school work."  He (and I, because I am always learning!) learns by living life!  I also try to live by principles rather than rules.  We are having this exact same discussion on another list that I am on!  Life is funny. 
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