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  • Lorie
    Jul 31, 2007
      HI, I am a new member and my name is Lorie Ranker. My family is
      planning to relocate to NM next year. We are not sure where to
      settle and was hoping to meet some other homeschoolers out there
      before moving.

      We have two boys 7 3/4 and 5. They are very athletic and do
      gymnatics several times a week. We are moving from Oak Park, IL, a
      progressive community just outside of Chicago. They are great kids
      who love making friends. It would be essential for us to move to a
      place that has a thriving homeschool community.

      I'm wondering if someone can give me come information on the
      homeschool climate out there? ie are there many homeschoolers, are
      there many classes/events offered to homeschoolers?

      How is the parks and rec? Is there a good USAG gym out there? Can
      you swim year round? Is there a Whole Foods or Trader Joes? How's
      the Farmers Market?

      Is Las Cruces a safe place to live? Are there areas of Las Cruces to
      avoid due to crime?

      Any information anyone can afford would be great. I would be happy
      to start a dialogue with whoever has the time. We are planning our
      first scouting trip Oct 2-9th and hope to spend a few days in LC.
      We're staying with friends in Edgewood, and will be looking at ABQ
      and driving up to Santa Fe.

      Thanks so much in advance!!!

      Peace, Lorie Ranker