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233Re: trying to make contact with other homeschoolers

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  • roquemoma
    Apr 4, 2007
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      Hey Bruce,
      We've been going through a cycle of the flu, and between that and
      coping with the arrival of nearly 60 baby chicks I haven't been
      checking my email diligently. My girls (ages 6 and 8) would love to
      meet your daughter. We're going to be out of town this next week,
      but when we get back I'll plan something.

      Also, you asked about our animals. We have three adult laying hens,
      the aforementioned 59 baby chicks, who are growing at an alarming
      rate, two cats, and an Australian shepherd dog. While we are in Las
      Vegas next week we're picking up two Nygerian dwarf goats from a
      friend of ours, one girl and her brother, who is a whether (castrated
      male). The girl we'll eventually milk, and her brother is just there
      to keep her company. We'd like to add more goats later on, at least
      one more to milk, and a couple of larger ones to train as pack goats,
      and maybe a donkey or burro because they're supposed to be great
      guard animals and coyotes are a concern for us. And of course the
      kids would like a horse, but I need to work my way up. The chickens
      are overwhelming enough for now, I can't imagine caring for an animal
      as large as a horse, as fun as that would be.

      I'll look forward to meeting you and your family!
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