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232Re: trying to make contact with other homeschoolers

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  • huhmannb
    Mar 20, 2007
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      Hi Rachel,

      We would be interested in a park day or an all-ages hike.

      We homeschool a daughter (age 7) and have a son (age 2 1/2).

      What kind of animals do you have? We have a dog, a cat and 6 rabbits.

      Anyway let us know if you plan a park day and we will try to be there.
      The weather is great right now for one!


      --- In lascruceshomeschool@yahoogroups.com, "roquemoma"
      <teachingmama8@...> wrote:
      > I'm sorry, I thought I was privately emailing Melissa, I didn't mean to
      > post this complaining sounding message to the loop. I was having a bit
      > of a pity party one night this week, but I have a better perspective on
      > it now. I think I've been so busy getting settled into our new home
      > and getting started with our animals and stuff that I haven't followed
      > up on the few connections I've found. I've been looking for an
      > established group with regular activities that would just take me in
      > with open arms, but it looks like maybe I should put more effort in,
      > maybe plan some things myself.
      > Is there interest out there in a regular park day? If people are
      > interested I'll plan it. We also talked about doing an all ages family
      > hike when the weather is nice. It's pretty nice now if we can avoid a
      > windy day? Dripping springs has a nice picnic area, and a hiking trail
      > that has benches every quarter of a mile. What day of the week would
      > be good? Would anyone be interested in a Saturday hike so that dads/
      > working spouses could come?
      > Rachel
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