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230Re: trying to make contact with other homeschoolers

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  • roquemoma
    Mar 10, 2007
      I'm sorry, I thought I was privately emailing Melissa, I didn't mean to
      post this complaining sounding message to the loop. I was having a bit
      of a pity party one night this week, but I have a better perspective on
      it now. I think I've been so busy getting settled into our new home
      and getting started with our animals and stuff that I haven't followed
      up on the few connections I've found. I've been looking for an
      established group with regular activities that would just take me in
      with open arms, but it looks like maybe I should put more effort in,
      maybe plan some things myself.

      Is there interest out there in a regular park day? If people are
      interested I'll plan it. We also talked about doing an all ages family
      hike when the weather is nice. It's pretty nice now if we can avoid a
      windy day? Dripping springs has a nice picnic area, and a hiking trail
      that has benches every quarter of a mile. What day of the week would
      be good? Would anyone be interested in a Saturday hike so that dads/
      working spouses could come?
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