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    Feb 16, 2007
      Just in case you've missed it in the news...

      Peanut Butter Scare Hits Lubbock

      Check your pantry tonight. Two popular types of peanut butter are recalled.
      Lubbock retailers spent the day pulling the products off the shelves but the
      jars may still be in your kitchen. ConAgra is voluntarily recalling a batch
      of peanut butter that may be responsible for a salmonella outbreak.

      When ingested, salmonella bacteria can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea,
      abdominal cramps, headache, fever and if left untreated, even death.

      Lubbockite Chris Bearce said, "I saw on the news at 6 pm that there was a
      recall on the Peter Pan peanut butter with the 2111."

      2111, The numbers now synonymous with tainted peanut butter possibly tainted
      with salmonella. Bearce has a major concern regarding this scare, his son.

      He said, "My son eats the peanut butter in the morning for breakfast, My
      wife puts it on his toast."

      And Bearce found three jars of the recalled batch in his pantry. ConAgra
      foods is the food distributor that makes Peter Pan and Walmart great value
      brand peanut butter. So far as many as 300 cases of salmonella poisoning in
      39 states have been reported.

      United grocery stores got an email from ConAgra early Thursday morning
      alerting them to the recall. United marketing director Eddie Owens says
      their stores are offering refunds.

      He said, "Product code should be on the lid of the product and it's product
      code 2111. All they have to do is check and see if they've got that product
      code and if they do, return it to the store for a full refund and or
      replacement and it'll be taken care of."

      If you already have one of these jars, you can receive a full refund from
      ConAgra. Just discard the product and keep the lid but be sure to double
      check the jar itself. A viewer contacted NewsChannel 11 via e-mail and sent
      picture showing the product code printed on the jar itself.

      To receive a refund from ConAgra you should send the lid or jar along with
      your name and mailing address back to ConAgra. Their address is:

      ConAgra Foods
      PO box 3768
      Omaha, NE 68103

      If you have questions or concerns about the product or the recall there is a
      24-hour toll free hotline. That number is: 866-344-6970

      Wal-Mart has announced that if you bring the entire product, not just the
      lid, back to their stores, they will offer a full refund as well. We also
      spoke with Lubbock ISD today and they tell us there have no worries. They do
      not use either brand of peanut butter in their cafeterias.