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217OT: Holistic healthcare recommendations needed

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  • roquemoma
    Nov 15, 2006
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      I'm sorry to be off topic, but homeschoolers are always a good
      starting place to look for these things. I'm a homeschooling mom of
      three that just moved here from Las Vegas, NV. I homebirthed my
      three kids, and we did our best to find good healthcare
      practitioners, but it was difficult in Vegas. We had a great
      naturopath for awhile, but she moved to Oregon. Then we found and
      awesome MD who was also a homeopath, but he moved to Oregon. Then
      we had a nice young woman who was a naturopath and an herbalist, but
      she moved to Oregon. Do you see a pattern:) In the end we were
      lucky to find a good family doctor who had delayed / selectively
      vaccinated her own kids and didn't push antibiotics at every visit

      So, now that we're here we need to start all over- doctor type
      person, chiropractor, dentist. I especially need dentist
      recommendations right now as my oldest daughter has a temporary
      filling that just fell out. Can anyone recommend a good dentist who
      allows parents to go back with the kids while they're being worked
      on? Also, any other healthcare practitioner recommendations are