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178Re: [lascruceshomeschool] new to the group

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  • ekcfrench@comcast.net
    Apr 25, 2006

      In the Las Cruces Public School District homeschooling falls under Special Education and there is a woman who is over  homeschooling



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      From: "AMI SEGNA" <amisegna1@...>
      Las Cruces has an administrator for public schooling? What does that mean?
      Alamogordo will barely admit it exists!

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      >Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 19:14:42 +0000
      >Dear Sonya:
      >I homeschool my 10 year son and 7 year old daughter.  I would love to find
      >out more from you about the Waldorf method.  I've been reading about it
      >alot.  My parents live in Mexico and there is a Waldorf school in their
      >town, which they say is an excellent school.
      >Also, the woman who is the administrator of homeschooling for the Las
      >Cruces Public School District is a friend of mine.  She's a wonderful
      > ;person and very helpful.
      >If you prefer, you can contact me at ekcfrench@....
      >Welcome to Las Cruces (early)!
      >Katie French
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      >From: "skmidwife2006" <sduffee@...>
      >Hello everyone,
      >I am new to the group and thought I would post a hello and hopefully
      >get a few idea for homeschooling while I am in Las Cruces NM.
      >My family and I will be arriving in Las Cruces in August and staying a
      >year providing that my husband secures a work visa and a job (we are
      >from Canada). We have been homeschooling our two daughters age 9 and
      >11 with waldorf inspired resources and bascially have a "unschooling"
      >approach though lately we have been finding the need for more
      >I would like the oppurtunity to get a few ideas of events and places
      >to meet other homeschoolers and families . Looking forward to meeting
      >you all on the list and the possibility of crossing paths one day in
      >the future.
      >Sonya Duffee
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