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147Re: New to home schooling

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  • huhmannb
    Jan 2, 2006
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      Hi Trilby and Katie,

      There is a group that meets on the third Friday of every month at the
      Mesilla Park Community Center on Bell that has activities for all
      ages. They are not affiliated with this Yahoo! group, but my daughter
      (6) goes to it and I know they have lots of older kids from 16-9 yrs.
      They also meets Wednesdays for PE activities, but we are busy on
      Wednesdays so I don't know where they meet.

      Homeschooling can be challenging and it is hard to know where to
      begin. But we just have to remember that children want to learn and
      we are just facilitators in a way. We just started homeschooling this
      year and the way my wife does it is that she spends about two hours a
      day focused on the things my daughter is more resistant to learning
      (such as addition/subtraction, practice writing and reading). This is
      usually done in the morning, when my daughter is well-rested. In the
      afternoon, my wife needs to focus more on our toddler (nap-time etc.)
      , so my daughter has free time and she plays/flips through books/does
      art and learns things on her own. Don't worry too much about messing
      it up, try something if it isn't working feel free to change it. We
      have a friend who is homeschooling early teen-age boys and she uses
      theme units. She picks something that her boys are interested in or
      that is appropriate to the time of year and they learn about that
      (e.g., MLK day is coming up, maybe a theme might be learning about the
      civil rights movement or the 1960s). They watch some videos about
      that issue or time, read books, discuss, do related activities. But
      they also have a time (I think it is half-a-day twice a week when they
      focus on things like math that the boys are having trouble with).
      Because my friend is a single-mom and has to work, there are also a
      couple of days when the boys are doing their own thing (they go with
      her to her office and take their games/books/etc. that interest them).

      Hope that helps you see a couple of the many ways you could try


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      > Hi!
      > I decided to homeschool also after the death of my son's teacher,
      which he's really having a hard time accepting. I too have the books
      and lots of encouragement, but I'm lost as to where to begin and
      frightened that I'll mess it up. My son is 9, in 3rd grade (held back
      in 1st), and he has a speech delay. He's a great kid and could really
      benefit from some social interaction with other homeschooled kids.
      Does anyone have any words of wisdom?
      > Katie
      > P.S.: I had a sorority sister named Trilby.
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      > Life is tough....but I'm tougher
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