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  • annamarierw
    Dec 12, 2005
      Don't worry about it...It was kinda last min. anyway.
      Skyler and Taylor were upset that no one was there but us, but we just
      told them that something must have come up or that you guys might of
      had something very important to do.....after that they were ok about
      it. Every Sat. @ 2:00 is good. It was nice and warm, no jackets needed
      even. Next Sat. we will go again but will only be able to stay for
      about an hour as it is Skyler's 6th B-Day. They are still excited to
      meet Erin and all the other kids in their age bracket. Sagecrest is
      great,not too many people go there, it has play equipment and a huge
      grassy area where the kids can run around. Plus a fence which is
      always good, they can just run and play without us having to be
      worried all the time.
      Hope to see all af you guys there.
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