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  • Melani Daves Moore
    Apr 2, 2005
      I don't actually know who is officially in charge of the PE. I know that
      some from the Christian group go, and some from the other group.

      As far as the other group goes, what I've been told is that the other group
      started out Catholic but then a Mormon and a Buddhist wanted to join, so
      they opened up to everyone. They just don't discuss religion with the
      children at any of their events. They say the group is still over 1/2
      Catholic, but all are welcome.

      PE meets each Monday and Wednesday from 11-12, usually at Spitz park.
      They've also met at the park nearby on Three Crosses to play basketball.
      I'm not always in the loop about where they are meeting, but both parks are
      within a minute or two of each other, so I just look for the crowd. The PE
      isn't very structured most of the time, which is understandable, and kids
      can come and go. My son enjoys it and is getting to know some of the

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