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Re: [lardeauecovillage] Re: Eco-Village Meeting

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  • Fred Williams
    It sounds like you re doing a wonderful thing. I wish I could be a part of it, but I m out here on the East coast digging out from the snow. I ve been a
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 28, 2010
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      It sounds like you're doing a wonderful thing. I wish I could
      be a part of it, but I'm out here on the East coast digging out from
      the snow.
      I've been a Quaker for a while although I am now drifting away
      from that a bit. I have seen consensus work in that circle and it was
      a beautiful thing. It does take time and patience, however, and
      everyone involved has to be committed to the process. If you get even
      one or two people who have an alternate agenda or someone who wants to
      disrupt the group, then the whole thing blows up. Then those same
      people turn around and say that the process doesn't work.
      At the very least you have to pre-screen out the functional
      psychopaths and control freaks. Everybody's priority has to be to
      support their neighbours, and you assume that if you accomplish
      anything beyond that, it's a bonus. You spend a lot of time
      communicating about goals and methods and getting to really
      understand each other and that helps build the siblingly love. One
      wise person told me, "We don't need leadership. We need sharingship!"
      It occurs to me that these are the qualities that groups need
      whether or not you are going to call it "consensus," but I might be
      going a little too far there. If you go with a simple majority rule,
      then each time the majority forces a decision, it drives a little wedge
      between members of the group and over time, that can take it's toll as
      The up side is that when the group really works it's a
      beautiful thing. To be a part of a supporting community is an
      absolutely wonderful thing. I wish you the very best with it.

      Warmest Regards,

      On Tue, 28 Dec 2010 20:32:52 -0000
      "steambender" <di66mar@...> wrote:

      > Earlier this month we called an open meeting in Kaslo to discuss
      > forming an intentional ecovillage and about 10 people came which is
      > pretty good for a small town. There was a lot of general discussion
      > & visioning. We decided to get get together again after the new year
      > and explore directions of organization and land possibilities.
      > You say you are forming a worker run co-op, but I was wondering how
      > that is organized in terms of decision making. I think consensus is a
      > really great process but it doesn't work so well in larger groups or
      > groups that are not closely committed and it is important for workers
      > to have collective control over the product of their labour. I think
      > there should be affinity groups that work in the context of the
      > community that use consensus and that there should be a council of
      > representatives form the affinity groups that run the community as
      > more of a democratic thing.
      > I am not able to go to the North American Anarchist Studies Network
      > gathering, I feel I have more important work to do right here,
      > although the Shuswap is not so far I would like visit and connect in
      > person.
      > For Community
      > Dick Martin
      > --- In lardeauecovillage@yahoogroups.com, "danarchy1972"
      > <danarchy1972@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > How did your meeting go?
      > >
      > > We have incorporated our family farm operation as a worker-run
      > > co-op for the development of an eco-community and we are very
      > > interested in creating ties with other groups.
      > >
      > > I look forward to hearing how your project is going.
      > >
      > > Daniel
      > > Sudo Organic Farm Co-operative
      > >
      > > P.S. Dick I replied to my Naasn.org comment, will you be attending
      > > the conference? We should get together, discuss our projects and
      > > work out ways we can assist to our mutual benefit.
      > >
      > > I can be contacted directly at danpd375@...
      > >


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