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Sat Skate - 11/27 10:30am

Hi folks, Sorry for the late post folks... After a week of City Skates it's time to venture out again... I'm gonna head out to the Manayunk Bridge again but
Eric Feingold
Nov 27

Turkey Roll - Thanksgiving Thursday at 10 AM, City Hall

To follow the parade, and with more difficulty, find an open bar on a holiday. We'll meet at City Hall and attempt to surpass 12 miles. We may also have a
William Saunders
Nov 24

Black Friday skate

They are calling for warm weather so come on out Friday to work off the turkey. 10 a.m. top of the stepsWe'll visit the downtown holiday sites and who know
pete bannan
Nov 24

Just a friendly reminder, we are skating tonight - 7PM Topside

Mid to upper thirties tonight.should be really cool! Typical non-vegetarian-head skate Be there or be warm. --Cliff 610-656-7583
Cliff Berman
Nov 24

Re: Sunday Skate - recap shameogram

Indeed, fabulostiocious skate! Eric, however, was out of character—we only had 450 hills instead of the typical 1,342 hills with 800 mile elevation ... On
Greg Fridman
Nov 22

Re: Sunday Skate - recap shameogram

Great skating today for the 6 of us that came out. Car free streets while skating some of the marathon route. A half loop through the inside of Franklin
Eric Feingold
Nov 22

Sunday Skate Meetup Location 11/22

Hi folks, Michael isn't around to remind us but I'm pretty sure we usually meet at 23rd and Spring Garden St.'s when the Marathon is running. See you there,
Eric Feingold
Nov 21

Re: Asylum Skate - Sat 11/21 10:30am

Saturday skaters, I just easily parked in Fairmount. Parkway closed but business as usual for parking. Come on out! ... Saturday skaters, I just easily parked
Eric Feingold
Nov 21

Re: Asylum Skate - Sat 11/21 10:30am

It looks like Sunday will have most of the closures. Much less on Saturday so don't let this stop you from coming out !
Eric Feingold
Nov 20

Re: Tuesday Night Skate Recap - Cira Green

Eric, thanks for an awesome skate! That roof deck is awesome for photos of the city, too. On Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 8:50 AM, Eric Feingold erfeingold@...
Greg Fridman
Nov 20

Tuesday Night Skate Recap - Cira Green

Hi folks, I meant to write this a couple days ago... On Tuesday night roughly 8 skaters came out and we checked out a great new public space that consists of a
Eric Feingold
Nov 20

Re: Asylum Skate - Sat 11/21 10:30am

Just a reminder to factor in that this is marathon weekend. There is an 8k run Saturday morning and the full marathon Sunday. They start early - 7am Sunday -
Nancy Smith
Nov 20

Asylum Skate - Sat 11/21 10:30am

Hello fellow lunatics, Join me on a skate to the first private mental hospital in the country founded by the Quakers in 1813. Originally known as: “The
Eric Feingold
Nov 19

Tuesday Night Skate...7 PM

A perfectly dry and clear night with above average temperatures for a mid November eve - no excuse to stay home in your rocking chair in front of the tube. And
David Smith
Nov 17

Another Meatless Sunday Skate

Even under my leadership, you just can't have a bad time skating! Anyone who wants to skate but can't keep the pace of our most awesome and revered Meatheads,
Joan Stanton
Nov 13
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