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1941From the halls of mighty Balder a cry resounds....IM BACK!!!!

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  • Will Beams
    Feb 19, 2006
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      Hey guys, just wanted to drop a line in and say that I am back as a
      part of this group. And not only that, but after many hours of
      begging and a few male prostitutes sent to his place of business,
      Dave has allowed me moderator status again! (Many thanks again bro,
      and Antonio still says you owe him $113, you really need to handle

      Anyway, enough kidding around. I just want you guys to know that Im
      not gonna start ripping the group to shreds or anything like that,
      and I really dont believe I can even bring it back to anywhere near
      its former glory. Because of course the fact is, SpineFed is over,
      and has been over for some time. In fact the members and majority of
      the people who were integral to SpineFed's formation,cultivation,and
      the eventual rise to the fame that we had,are almost completely out
      of touch.And all that SpineFed was, all the magic that we shared has
      blown away into the wind long ago. A sad day it was to realize that,
      but alas, a new dawn, a new day, new futures for us all. I can only
      hope that all our friends....no, thats not right...our brothers and
      sisters who stood by us for so long, through so much, are all doing
      well and living a life they are proud of. I hope we hear from them
      sometime to let us all know how they're doing.

      But anyway, I get all sentimental and lose focus, forgive me.
      My role here honestly is just to make sure this group is maintainted
      for the longest time possible, for nothing else than just to stand
      as a testament to the world that SpineFed created for so many. Just
      so one day, when someones feeling nostalgic, they can go back, and
      look back on conversations that took place, or read about shows and
      events that counted as a great experience in there life. I know I've
      had many, and it was awesome to remember again.

      I loved this band,I hope no one ever doubted it. And I know I walked
      away from it, and walked away from an awesome oppurtunity when I
      quit.I know that now,I left for the wrong reasons.(No I never was in
      love with any member of the band.Those pictures were just taken for
      fun and we were very cold....and very lonely....yeah, thats it....)
      No, I just realize now that I left because I felt everyone else was
      progressing so amazingly fast as musicians, and I knew I was falling
      behind. And instead of trying to fix it(lessons,religious type
      practice,etc)I let it go.Now given at that time, I was going through
      a really rough time, and was probably more depressed at that time
      than any other time in my life before that.And I didnt know it.So, I
      let it all go. And I admit, I regret it. But my life has gone down a
      road Im proud of,and I really cant say more than that.

      But SpineFed will always be a big part of me, and I know it will
      always be a part of alot of people.And so I just wanted to make sure
      there will be something that stands and shows what happened when the
      SpineFed walked the Earth. A way we can look back and remember, and
      realize how far we've come. Just something to make you smile one
      day, when you're looking back and remembering what it was like.
      I just want it to be there, for those who want it to be.And thats
      what Im back for.
      From now on anything posted on this group that doesnt have anything
      to do with the group or music or some other subject that would
      actually make sense to be here,let it be known the message will be
      deleted and the author BANNED.No longer will this board be an
      advertisement for gay/bi personnals!!! (But lesbian love stories are
      still ok)

      To all my brothers and sisters,Im glad to be back. And I hope we get
      to here from at least some of you, let us know how you are, what
      you're doing. And which prisons some of you are residents of.

      Kindest regards,

      Will "Balder" Beams