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1920Hmmm...What a small world....

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  • Unable to be pronounced by human tongues
    Oct 24, 2004
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      Tennessee's EPOCH OF UNLIGHT will be enterering Big Blue Meenie
      studio in New Jersey next week to record their third release for The
      End Records. Entitled "The Continuum Hypothesis", the follow-up album
      to 2001's "Caught in the Unlight" will contain over 55 minutes worth
      of new music that is being described as "death/black metal but faster
      yet more melodic than the previous" effort, according to a press
      release. The 11-track album will include the songs "Cardinallity"
      and "The Scarlet Thread" and will mark the recording debut with the
      group of new vocalist B.J.Cook (a.k.a. Lord Hellspawn) from Arkansas'
      FALLEN EMPIRE. An early 2005 release is expected.

      And to think I found this on Roadrunner.We played with both these
      bands.I just cant get over the singer from FE trading to Epoch Of
      Unlight.So does that mean Fallen Empire is no more?
      Well either way,congrats to the band,anyone who saw them,knows they
      deserve all the recognition they get and more.