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1917Re: [Land of the Spines] HOLY FAWKING SHIT CHECK OUT THE TOUR DATES.....

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  • Unable to be pronounced by human tongues
    Oct 10, 2004
      Absolutely.Gwar will be around long after I think we're dead and
      gone.I think they've found the serum for eternal youth.Blood and goat
      But honestly,Satyricon,in America,in Oklahoma for that matter!That
      seems like a once in a lifetime oppurtunity there.And to find out
      Joey is drumming for them,just is an added bonus.Dont get me wrong,Im
      really kinda dissapointed Faust wont be with them,wont be able to see
      Satyricon the way they truly are.But if your gonna have a guest
      drummer,I cant think of many drummers out there that are as talented.

      But hey,thats just my opinion.I could be wrong...
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