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Fw: Hagerty Sneak Peek The new Hagerty commercials.   View this email as a web page Maybe we're biased, but we think our commercials are pretty great. Since we think our
Leonard Casper
Jan 15
Re: Leaking SU Carburetor Hi Charlie, Thanks for the thoughts on the Carbs. We might have come to the meeting, but we ended up having to drive to NY to pick up a passport for Consuelo,
John Marsh
Nov 11, 2013
Re: Leaking SU Carburetor John, There are a couple of places that a leak can come from under there. It could be as simple as where the float bowl attaches to the carb being a little
Charlie Baldwin
Nov 10, 2013
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Leaking SU Carburetor The rear SU is leaking on my 61 Coupe. After driving it a while, I don't notice it (of course), but Margie complains that I smell like gas. Its wet/dripping
John Marsh
Nov 9, 2013
Re: 1937 MS SA Tickford Three position Drophead Coupe to be auctione You would think that the dashpots would need to be vertical. Wow, they put that 2,322 motor in that, and only gave us 1800!   James Dillner
James Dillner
Aug 22, 2013
Re: 1937 MS SA Tickford Three position Drophead Coupe to be auctione Thanks Forrest. It is beautiful. Aren't the SU carbs oriented funny? I've seen a lot of SUs, but never like that. Charlie
Charlie Baldwin
Aug 22, 2013
1937 MS SA Tickford Three position Drophead Coupe to be auctioned 8/ This may be a great chance for such a classic and beautiful car offered without reserve.
Aug 22, 2013
Fwd: [MG-MGB] 1976 MGB ... Subject: [MG-MGB] 1976 MGB Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2013 15:06:46 -0000 From: Erich Reply-To: MG-MGB@yahoogroups.com To:
Charlie Baldwin
Aug 19, 2013
Re: Did anyone notice............................. Dennis, Joe Lazenby gave me his copy. Pretty cool. Thanks for pointing it out, and offering to scan it. Charlie
Charlie Baldwin
Jul 24, 2013
Re: Did anyone notice............................. Your car. Their coverage of Import Carlisle. Photo of "Three black Healeys in a row" with year/model/owners' names listed. If I remember to do it, and can get
Jul 24, 2013
Re: Did anyone notice............................. My picture or my Healey? If my Healey, which one? Thanks for mentioning it, Dennis.
Charlie Baldwin
Jul 22, 2013
Did anyone notice............................. September Hemmings "Sports & Exotics", page 32. Charlie Baldwin's Healey photo!!
Jul 22, 2013
Re: Meet at Polo grounds Oops!  I went to the Yahoo site, not the website. Jim   ________________________________ From: Charlie Baldwin To:
James Dillner
Jul 16, 2013
Re: Meet at Polo grounds Thanks Charlie.  I was there, but couldn't find it. Jim   James Dillner ________________________________ From: Charlie Baldwin To:
James Dillner
Jul 15, 2013
Re: Meet at Polo grounds Jim, For any information about Lanco events or other ones too, go to the website at www.lancomgclub.com Taste of Britain is August 25. Charlie
Charlie Baldwin
Jul 15, 2013
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Meet at Polo grounds What is the date for the meet at the Polo grounds in Rothsville?
Jul 15, 2013
Re: BIG today Bob, We too, would like to thank you for your work on this and all those that helped out. I agree with Charlie - sometimes you just can't figure out why you
Dennis Blevins
Jul 15, 2013
Re: BIG today Sorry, forgot the most important thing. That is to thank you for all of your hard work. I know that with your health issues this year it was much more
Charlie Baldwin
Jul 14, 2013
Re: BIG today Bob, The weather did turn out to be nice, but I think that some were afraid of it nonetheless. Earlier in the week the forecasters really blew it and we got a
Charlie Baldwin
Jul 14, 2013
BIG today Hi all, I want to thank all those who helped with the "BIG" experience today.  With people who have done this type of thing many times the whole process
Bob Arlotto
Jul 14, 2013
Terrible Experience.... Bob Arlotto Hello, How are you doing? I'm sorry I didn't inform you about our trip to Manila, Philippines unannounced some days back. My family and I came down here to
Bob Arlotto
Jul 10, 2013
Fwd: The next Moss Motoring magazine ... From: David Stuursma Sent: Mon, Jul 8, 2013 5:08 pm Subject: The next Moss Motoring magazine If this email meets your approval,
Jul 8, 2013
Re: Hillman Memories My first MG, a 66, did the same thing.  I had to get underneath and loosen the starter bolt with a wrench, which I always carried with me.   James Dillner
James Dillner
Jul 2, 2013
Re: Marsh MGA Coupe - Follow-up Great stuff, John! All of these old cars have a story, always interesting. For Lanco's event schedule, just go to the website: www.lancomgclub.com. Actually,
Charlie Baldwin
Jul 2, 2013
Hillman Memories Just to share one more thing. seeing the Hillman brought back a lot of great memories. The year before my Dad retired from the Army in 1962, he bought a brand
John Marsh
Jul 2, 2013
Marsh MGA Coupe - Follow-up All, Thanks for the responses and the encouragement. Yes, Margie and I (and the Coupe) hope to be at some of the MG events. We’re pretty involved on
John Marsh
Jul 2, 2013
Re: Marsh MGA Coupe - Hits the Road!     Steve & Charlie,   My thoughts exactly on all points. Hope to see John and his family at many of our events. Oh yeah, the MGA also. And our highest
Jul 2, 2013
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Re: Marsh MGA Coupe - Hits the Road! [8 Attachments] John, Sorry I'm late responding to this. I spent yesterday with my friend Joe Lazenby retrieving a 1977 MGB from Pittsburgh with his rollback and didn't get
Charlie Baldwin
Jul 1, 2013
Re: Marsh MGA Coupe - Hits the Road! Great story John! Would it be OK if I included it in a future LANCO submission to the British Marque newspaper? Steve Dellinger British Marque "Coordinator"
Jul 1, 2013
Re: Marsh MGA Coupe - Hits the Road! [8 Attachments] Interesting lineup of cars in the photo that shows the body shell.  I assume that is in Newport News? Jim   ________________________________ From: John Marsh
James Dillner
Jun 30, 2013
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