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  • Matt Dralle
    Dear Lancair List Members, My name is Matt Dralle and I ve been running a number of aviation-related email lists at Matronics for over 13 years. Probably the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2002
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      Dear Lancair List Members,

      My name is Matt Dralle and I've been running a number of aviation-related
      email lists at Matronics for over 13 years. Probably the most noticeable
      feature of the Matronics lists is the lack of blatant commercialism. There
      are no banner ads or pop-up browser links!

      There are currently about 45 different aircraft types represented on the
      Matronics system ( See http://www.matronics.com/emaillists ), each with its
      own high-speed archive search engine, archive download, 7-day message
      browse function, and a virus-safe photo and file sharing capability. Each
      of these services can be accessed by clicking on the respective link listed
      in the banner appended to each message posted to the List.

      One of the coolest features of the Matronics system is a very powerful and
      extremely fast archive search engine that I believe is one of the best
      available in the area of email list archive searching. For a sample of the
      Search Engine, have a look at:


      and select the RV List. Search for something like "Engine & Prop" and note
      the response time searching through the 120Mb archive file!!

      I think you'll find the 7-day List Browse function also extremely user
      friendly and easy to read and use. Here is a link to this feature:


      You can share files and photos easily and quickly with other List members,
      simply by emailing your enclosures to pictures@... along with
      some description text. The files will be scanned for viruses before they
      are made available to the List members along with a special web page
      created just for your enclosure submission. A message will be posted to
      the List indicating the availability of the new Share. For some samples, see:


      Please note that posting of enclosures directly to the List is not
      allowed. There's nothing more annoying than redistributing the latest
      computer virus to 1000 other list members, not to mention filling up the
      archive file!

      So what's the catch? Simple really. Surfing around the Matronics Email
      List site, you'll quickly notice that there aren't any annoying banner ads
      flashing at you or worse, extra windows popping up on your screen trying to
      get you to buy something. I have a strict, no-advertisement policy on my
      email list sites. I support the continued operation of the Lists through a
      low-key, yearly Fund Raiser where I ask List members for a small,
      completely voluntary contribution. Again, I stress that the contribution
      is completely voluntary and optional. Throughout the month of November I
      send out a message about once a week reminding members that its
      Contribution time, and that's it; no real hard sell, but maybe just a
      little guilt... :-) I even provide an SSL secure web site for making a
      credit card contribution:


      There are two ways to receive the messages, the real-time and the digest
      method. The real-time method will send you a copy of the email as soon as
      its posted by the member. The digest method will send you a single message
      each day between 12 and 1am that includes all of the messages from the
      previous day. You can also browse the current day's message by using the
      List Browse feature where current posts are added to the Listing every 30
      minutes. See:


      I work very hard at maintaining a system that is always available. I
      occasionally upgrade various parts of the system, but work toward a 99.9%
      availability of the email distribution as well as the web site services.

      If you wish to subscribe to the digest or real time versions of the
      Lancair-List at Matronics, you may use the handy Subscription Web site
      found at the following address:


      If you would like to post a message to the list, simply send an email to
      the following address (you must be subscribed to at least one List at
      Matronics to post a message):


      and your message will be redistributed to everyone on the List.

      A List FAQ can be found at:


      I hope that everyone will enjoy the Lists at Matronics system and features
      available here.

      Best regards,

      Matt Dralle
      Matronics Email List Admin.
      Perpetual RV-4 Builder - http://www.matronics.com/mattsrv4

      Matt G Dralle | Matronics | PO Box 347 | Livermore | CA | 94551
      925-606-1001 V | 925-606-6281 F | dralle@... Email
      http://www.matronics.com/ WWW | Featuring Products For Aircraft
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