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    I here by swear before Almighty God this is the original prologue, my own work,before Christopher From: MKellis566@aol.com Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 19:26:00
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      I here by swear before Almighty God this is the original prologue, my
      own work,before Christopher

      From: MKellis566@...
      Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 19:26:00 -0400
      Subject: re-write Of Atlantis prologue From Dawn to Dusk
      To: JRoss1053@...

      I am Archamedes, high priest of Atlantis. I was born to a life of
      spirituality, power, and magic. Me, being high priest of Atlantis,
      omly I had the privaledge of knowing the secret to eternal life and
      how to change my appearance at will. I have lived for many centuries
      and for many life times. I sustain my life, by drinking an elixer
      known as Nector From The God. For all the years, I have lived, I have
      been able to find all the ingrediants needed for the nectar to
      sustain my life, until now.
      I have never let my true identity be known, until now. I will
      tell you everything, the only person I consider to be a confidant,
      you. I can no longer find all the ingredients for my life sustaining
      nector.So. like any other mortal man, now I, Archamedes, face the
      inevitable for the first time. So, I feel it is important to tell
      someone of my triumphs and my sins I want to bear my soul. So, get
      comfortable and I will take you on a journey, that would be thought
      to be unattainable, by a regular mortal man. But I, Archamedes, am
      more than a human man. The best thing to do is start from the
      A high priest of Atlantis was am awesome honor bestowed on
      anyone from Atlantis. The destiny of a high priest of Atlantis was
      planned from conception. At the time my existence was planned, the
      high priest that was before me, was killed in an awful accident. So,
      while I was still in my mother's womb, another was chosen to fill
      these shoes, until I was old enough, to take on the great honor
      bestowed upon me.
      The high council of Atlantis, consisted of those known as the
      others, including my father. The high council, choose my father,
      Manta, because out of all the others, he was the most knowledgeable.
      The high priest, that was before me, also had the secret to eternal
      life, but he made himself vulnerable to an accident. Even though he
      had the secret to eternal life, he had to be careful, not to get into
      a situation that would cause his blood to flow red, just like any
      other mortal man, and this man was far from human.
      The seed of my father, Manta, was not of this world. So, that
      is why my father was considered to be different. Atlantis, was kind
      of like an outpost for the others. We had many modern conveniences,
      that modern man has today. My father was tied to my mother about
      twenty years before I was conceived. My mother, my sweet sweet
      mother, was known as Malotia. My mother, her dark hair, her alabaster
      skin, and big blue eyes, made her one of the most beautiful women of
      Atlantis. My father and mother were so much in love. My mother was
      unable to have children, until the high council stepped in. They had
      the power to help my mother conceive, and I was the result.
      Being the seed of my father, my destiny was preordained.
      Everything my father knew, all his knowledge, I genetically
      inherited. I would obtain all his knowledge, from speaking several
      different languages, to knowing the secret of eternal life and
      changing my appearance at will. When I was conceived, for my parents,
      it was a dream come true. My parents were ecstatic over the thought
      of my birth.
      After my birth, our lives in Atlantis, was very good. My
      father's house had electric lights, running water, and we could heat
      or cool the house. Just some of the extraordinary things we had for
      the calendar date. The year that Atlantis was destroyed was about
      4000 B.C.E. I can remember my childhood, as far back as the age of
      four. Being an only child, my parents could teach me more and spend
      more time with me. But as a child, I had to spend three months out of
      the year in the temple. Here the high council and the elders, would
      teach me many things. From how to pray to the supreme being, to how
      to listen to others so I could pray for them. When I would get to
      stay home, I was like any other child. We had a terrace outside our
      home, here I used to play and watch the ships as they left or entered
      the Bay of Atlantis. When I would watch the ships in the bay, I
      would always wonder what great adventure they were going too or
      coming from. A young slave girl, named Vanna, that took care of me
      when I was a child.
      I remember one time, when I was about six, I went to the
      temple with my father, to attend one of the many ceremonies that was
      conducted here. In this particular one, I was to be forever branded
      by the mark of the high priest. I was branded with a tattoo of fire,
      on my left hand. This tattoo was to signify my power and strength and
      to show, I was a high priest of Atlantis. I would carry this tattoo,
      no matter how many times I would change my appearance or no matter
      how long I lived.
      Sometimes I would go into the city with my mother, as
      we went to market. On the cobblestone streets, there were venders
      everywhere, seeking their goods, in order to feed their families.
      Then in the horizon, we could see the looming temple. On a hill,
      towering over the city, was the temple being in the three sided shape
      of a pyramid. The pyramid was to signify father, son, and holy ghost
      of the supreme being.
      I obtained my education from the members of the high
      council. I would become very skilled in science, astrology, and
      architecture. For three months out of every year until I was twenty,
      I would spend with the high council. The others would teach me
      things, mortal men just could not conceive. When I was twenty-one,
      the job of high priest was mine. At this time I met the love of the
      life, as of now, her name was Almose. After I started to reside in
      the temple, Almose, would come every day, to make sure I was fed and
      wanted for nothing. After a while I fell in love with Almose, as I
      would many times through out history.
      One day at dusk, Almose brought me my evening meal,
      and I asked her to join me on the terrace of the villa adjoining the
      temple. As we looked at the twinkling stars, in the night sky, I
      asked Almose to spend the rest of her life with me. With tears in her
      eyes, she agreed. Now we are going to have a joining. Under Atlantean
      law, if a man and woman were tied, property and all was divided fifty-
      fifty, much like the laws of modern man.
      The day of the ceremony, the temple was beautiful,
      flowers and plants were everywhere. My father stood by my side, and
      on the other side stood my bride, Almose. We would drink from the cup
      of eternity, forever joining our lives and our souls. My life as of
      now, could not have been any better. We would live in the villa
      adjoining the temple. The people of Atlantis were free and if they
      were considered a slave, they were paid for their duties, and lived
      totally free, usually on the property of those they served.
      One day, Almose was sitting on the terrace of the
      villa, that overlooked the beautiful Bay of Atlantis, just watching
      the beauty of this place. We had several servants that worked for us.
      One of our servant girls was brushing Almose's long blond hair, when
      Almose suggests that I join her on the terrace, after a usual day in
      the temple. Our terrace was made of marble, and the chairs we sat in
      were made of wrought iron. So, I sit down beside my beautiful wife.
      On this note, Almose takes my hand, and tells me our God has blessed
      us, she is with child. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. I,
      Archamedes, was going to be a father. Our God, is a merciful God, he
      has chosen me, to experience the miracle of father hood. I deem
      parenthood to be a miracle, because my parents had such a hard time
      conceiving me. The pregnancy of my wife, Almose, was most difficult.
      She could not do any physical activity, the last couple of months of
      her pregnancy, Almose was confined to bedrest. This she did not mind,
      because she really wanted our child.
      On a moonless night, Almose, wakes me up and she is
      in excruciating pain, known as labor. Our child is ready to come
      forth. Vanna, my nanny, still serves our household., so I tell her to
      go find the midwife. After a while, Vanna returns, saying she looked
      every where for the midwife, but she couldn't find her. The
      contractions, Almose is feeling are only a couple of minutes apart,
      so I must help her. I have studied to be a physician, so I know what
      to do. I help Almose to the birthing circle in our home. I give her a
      leather strap to bite down on, when the pain becomes really intense.
      Unlike modern day women, that lie down to give birth, Almose stands
      up in the birthing circle. All of a sudden, Almose has a very severe
      pain, I tell her to push very hard. She does this and brings forth a
      son. I pick him up and he cries after I smack his bottom. Here I
      stand holding my son. I shall call him Pytheus. As I am holding our
      son, Almose cries out again in intense pain, and then in the birthing
      circle, she brings forth a daughter.
      Twins, I have twins. I pick up my daughter and
      she cries after I smack her bottom. I will call her Plyah. My
      children, both alive, well, and beautiful. The next day Almose is
      treated by the acting physician. He tells her to take it easy for a
      few days, but she can never have any more children. He is scared she
      would endanger her own life, since she had such a hard time with this
      pregnancy. The supreme being really blessed us by giving us a boy
      and a girl. He knew Almose would never be able to bear any more
      As time goes by, I watch my twins grow with
      pride. Just as my father had done with me, Pytheus, is trained at the
      temple three months out of the year. My son will precede me as high
      priest of Atlantis. Plyah, spends the day with her mother, learning
      things, that will one day make her a good wife. Life is so good. We
      have advanced so very far. We have conquered just about everything
      thrown at us. We still pay homage to the supreme being, but not like
      we did when I was a child. We have become too arrogant. Our arrogance
      would cause our imminent down fall.
      One day my son and I were in the temple as usual,
      when all of a sudden we feel the earth violently move. Statues and
      pictures in the temple, start falling all around us. I grab Pytheus
      by the hand and try to get to the adjoining villa, so I can get to
      the rest of my family, but the falling debris makes this impossible.
      One of the duties of being high priest of Atlantis, was to protect a
      small wooden chest containing the secrets of life. So, knowing my
      obligation, I quickly grab the wooden chest. With chest in hand and
      Pytheusby my side, I make an escape for the bay. Luckily my son and
      I, and a handful of others are able to board a ship. We stand on the
      deck of the ship, as we unknowingly take one last look at our home.
      Below, there seems to be steam coming off the ocean, like it is very
      very hot. Pytheus is crying wanting to know about his grandparents,
      mother, and sister. Soon, I would not have to explain anything as his
      young eyes would see for his self.
      We are probably a couple of miles from the shore,
      we can still see land, when we notice the ocean is receding. Our ship
      is really rocking back and forth. Then we see a massive wall of
      water, as it totally engulfs our home. Everything as far as the eye
      can see, is swallowed by the Atlantic. If I understand maps from
      modern day, Atlantis was engulfed and sunk into the sea, in the
      middle of what is known today as the Bermuda Triangle
      Pytheus, looks up at me with a tear stained
      face, saying," Father, they are all dead? Right?" All I can do is
      agree with my son. I feel a feeling of sadness and loliness, as I
      know, our family, our home, everything would now be a memory. This
      ship would save our lives, at least most of us. A couple of months
      after being on the ship, Pytheus, becomes violently ill. And there is
      nothing I can do for my son of five, but make him comfortable until
      the end. When he dies, we bury his body at sea. With my son alive, at
      least I had something that had survived Atlantis, but now I have
      nothing. But, my parents raised me to face problems head on. No
      matter how much it hurts, I will survive in honor of my parents. They
      would have wanted it this way.
      One day, while sitting on deck, of the ship, we
      see land, not really knowing where we are. We decide though we will
      head for land. When we hit land, I feel like I could actually kiss
      the earth. The supreme being lead us here, after teaching the few
      survivors, a lesson for our arrogance. We know we have to start a new
      life from nothing. So, we all decide to go in different directions,
      to fulfill this major directive. The survivors and I will start new
      lives in a primitive land, with all our knowledge from Atlantis. We
      have even devised a way to keep in contact with each other.
      I, being the high priest, I and only I possess
      the secret to eternal life. Others would die, but I would remain in
      contact with their off spring. For many years I would choose to
      remain dormant in the primitive life I was forced to assume. One day
      though, I would choose to come forth and introduce primitive man to
      many new things. As long as I could ingest the Nectar from the God, I
      use to sustain my life, until one day, one of the ingredients was out
      of my reach. Now for the first time in thousands of years, I am
      facing the inevitable, just like any other mortal man. I want to be
      with the supreme being after my life ends. This is why I feel I must
      bear my soul. This is why I feel I must tell someone of the seeds I
      have sewn and the places I have seen. I will tell you of the
      identities, that I adopted through out history. So, come with me on a
      trip, that mortal men only dream about.
      Christopher told me it would not be wise to use this one
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      check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zDZQEzqA8o
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        Announcing the release of Within Lanaia s Garden of Darkness, take Lanaia s hand and come travel with her through her garden of darkness, collecting all the
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          Announcing the release of Within Lanaia's Garden of Darkness, take
          Lanaia's hand and come travel with her through her garden of
          darkness, collecting all the things the darkness has to offer.
          Traveling through the darkness with the supernatural and spirits,
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          I know I have told you about my new poetry book, Within Lanaia s Garden of Darkness, check out the promotional video, the book is everywhere, but if in doubt
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            I know I have told you about my new poetry book, Within Lanaia's Garden
            of Darkness, check out the promotional video, the book is everywhere,
            but if in doubt go to A.G. Press web site www.agpress.50megs.com/, just
            go to the bookstore


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            Just a quick note to let everyone know, I finally got a release date from Roval Publishing about Of Atlantis, How It Started, will be released May 17th, on my
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              Just a quick note to let everyone know, I finally got a release date
              from Roval Publishing about Of Atlantis, How It Started, will be
              released May 17th, on my birthday. Remember four more book follow in
              this series, two more before the end of this year, and the final
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                Sam Willey – 10/16 – Friday at 7:30 pm EST - UFO-Radio -www.ufo-radio.net

                Haunted Voices Network internet radio – Friday, 10/16 9Pm EST

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                thanks and hugs
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