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ARCA 2006 --- an invitation to play

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  • Atwe
    [The following post falls outside the usual purview of this list, but is being allowed in the spirit of Christmas. It does not represent any change in list
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      [The following post falls outside the usual purview of this list, but is
      being allowed in the spirit of Christmas. It does not represent any
      change in list policy. Happy Holidays to all our members! CFH & PHW]

      Dear Friends,

      We (Ninniach and myself) would like to invite you all to have some fun
      and play.

      Do you dread the long days between Christmas and New Year? Are you
      waiting for the moment when the last relative finally leaves your house
      and at last you have some time to idle away? Can't you face yet another
      repeat of Home Alone on the telly?

      Come and play ARCA on Aglardh. ARCA is the Annual Riddle Contest on
      Aglardh, and is presented this year for the first time, a little fun
      and diversion from the serious study of Eldarin languages and the
      search for those missing words and rules. The contest is very simple:
      three separate riddles/puzzles have been posted in this thread:


      All you have to do is save them/print them and resolve them... The
      answer to each riddle is one attested word/name, so the full answer
      will be 3 words. The person who gets them right and first posts these 3
      words in a comment in the riddle-topic wins ARCA 2006 and deserves the
      prizes, which are...

      - an actual/real/material prize, in a true Hobbitish mathom-like
      fashion, mailed to the address of the winner (if revealed to us)!

      - the winner will be entitled to wear the title of Lady/Lord of Riddles
      for the rest of her/his life:)

      - will be invited to the making of the riddles next Christmas, as if
      the contest is a success, we would like to make this a tradition

      The winner will also be asked to post an explanation how the riddles
      had been resolved. To resolve them you will need to have a fair
      knowledge of the main Eldarin languages (or some good dictionaries:)),
      a little knowledge of Middle-Earth's history, some imagination,
      brain-racking and head-scratching, and love for puzzles.

      Warning: the riddles may contain coinages and traces of other mishmash.
      All the coinages (which are not numerous) are believed to be easily
      decodable. Please do not flame us for historical accuracy etc. as it was
      not an intention, the riddles were created for fun. We are happy to
      discuss any problems or questions in a private message on Aglardh or
      via email.

      No animals were harmed during the process of riddle-making.

      The riddles/puzzles were _meant_ to be tough, so there is no deadline
      (although by next Christmas would be nice:)) --- but it is perfectly
      possible that we have underestimated your genius and they will be
      solved withing 2 hours of their posting... I only hope that you will
      enjoy fiddling with them as much as we enjoyed concocting and making

      I would like to wish you all Merry Christmas, peace and happiness, and
      to thank you all for the interesting and highly enlightening
      discussions on Aglardh, EldarinWiki, Elfling, Lambengolmor and across
      the internet.

      Thomas Ferencz
      Let's discuss Eldarin languages - http://aglardh.middangeard.org.uk
      Tolkien Wiktionary - http://eldarinwiki.middangeard.org.uk
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