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Glaemscrafu - Tolkien's linguistic cellar

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  • BertrandBellet75@aol.com
    Greetings all, My friend Benjamin Babut and myself would like to present a new website about Tolkien s languages we just released, entitled : _Glaemscrafu -
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 2006
      Greetings all,

      My friend Benjamin Babut and myself would like to present a new website
      about Tolkien's languages we just released, entitled : _Glaemscrafu -
      Tolkien's linguistic cellar_.

      Its purpose is to allow all kinds of interested people, advanced students as
      well as newcomers, to taste and enjoy how Tolkien's invented languages look
      and, especially, sound, by means of actual texts, presented, translated and
      read aloud with MP3 files to download. A large selection of languages is to be
      found: Quenya and Sindarin of course, but also their forerunners, Qenya and
      Noldorin, together with lesser studied languages: Telerin, Adûnaic, Khuzdul,
      Black Speech, Valarin. We found it interesting to include too some samples of
      primary world languages that were of significance to Tolkien and influenced
      him: Old English, Gothic, Old Norse, Finnish, Welsh and Latin.

      In another part of the website, we give very short excerpts of Tolkien's own
      records to illustrate how he himself pronounced many of the names that
      appear in his works. It should be especially helpful to say them aloud
      correctly, and will also give an idea of Tolkien's reading styles.

      Finally, there are a few links to similar projects and a bibliography.
      Though Glaemscrafu is not intended to be a _thorough_ study of each text, we
      systematically list our sources at the end of each page in order to allow
      everyone to check. Regarding the pronunciation, we tried to do our best
      according to the documentation we gathered - but inevitably some linguistic
      habits of ours will have crept through. (Hence the interest of having several
      websites featuring record with people from different linguistic backgrounds)

      We wish to thank Petri Tikka, who helped us with the Finnish part of the
      website, and Didier Willis for his support and encouragements.

      The website is wholly bilingual in French and English. It is hosted as a
      specialised wing by the Tolkien-related website JRRVF <http://jrrvf.com>.
      Thanks also to its webmaster Cédric Fockeu for his hospitality!

      The general URL for _Glaemscrafu_ is: <http://jrrvf.com/glaemscrafu>.

      You can reach the English version of the homepage directly at :

      If you wish to contact us, please use the e-mail address of the website (at
      the bottom of every page). Do not hesitate especially to tell us about the
      various typos that will inevitably remain despite proofreading.

      We hope you will enjoy the visit !

      Bertrand Bellet
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