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Errata for VT 45/46, and PE 14/15

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  • varavilindo
    Errata for VT 45/46: I. On Page 13 in VT 46 is mentioned the stem _SIR-_: [for:] Q, ON _sire_ [read:] Q, ON _sîre_ (here _î_ = an _i_ with macron in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2005
      Errata for VT 45/46:

      I. On Page 13 in VT 46 is mentioned the stem _SIR-_:

      "[for:] Q, ON _sire_ [read:] Q, ON _sîre_" (here _î_ =an _i_ with macron in the A&C)

      Instead in "The Lost Road" it reads (V:385) :

      "SIR- flow (...) Q, ON _síre_"

      [You are absolutely right about this error. Thank you for
      catching it! -- PHW]

      II. When I went through the Stems ending in _-S_ I stumbled over an
      interesting detail: On VT 45 p. 7 (Stem BES-) it is proposed that Q
      _verno_ (with primitive _besnô_ given in the _Etymologies_, see
      V:352) should read _venno_. Contrarily I found an adjective _lorna_
      'asleep' mentioned in the description of the Stem LOS- (V:370), the
      primitive form of which can be reconstructed as *_losnâ_ (with *_-nâ_
      as a primitive adjectival ending seen also in "*_ragnâ_" (RAG-, V:382)).
      I assume in conclusion that primitive, medial _-sn-_ became _-rn-_
      in Quenya, and in this light it seems to be more "logical" that _venno_
      should indeed read _verno_ as transcribed by Christopher Tolkien. To
      support my view I furthermore give an example excerpted from VT46
      (pg. 9): "PHAS- [append:] _Q fazne, farne_ foliage".

      Yet I don´t dare to dismiss _venno_ for two reasons: in this case
      it could be that Tolkien changed once again his mind when he started
      to construct the stems in L-, so that medial _-sn-_ earlier became
      _-nn-_ and later _-rn-_ (or even _-zn-_ as above?). Secondly it is
      surely very difficult to decipher the original manuscript and achieving
      a solution may be impossible.

      [Fortunately, the original manuscript in this instance is quite clear:
      the form is without a doubt _venno_. As Christopher Tolkien noted
      in his introductory comments to the _Etymologies_, "the B-stems
      are distinct from all the rest in that they were written out as a very
      finished and indeed beautiful manuscript" (V:343). Further confirmation
      of Q. _venno_ is provided by its cognate forms in the other languages:
      ON _benno_, EN _benn_ 'man'; and Ilk. _benn_ 'husband'. -- PHW]

      Errata for PE 14, 15:

      On the very first page of the two books, there is a mistake above the
      contents. It reads: "Parma Eldlamberon" which surely should be
      "Parma Eldalamberon".

      [You are correct; again, thanks for catching the error. -- PHW]

      Philipp Marquart
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