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Tolkien Language Conference

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  • Bill Welden
    If you want to attend the the First International Conference on Tolkien s Invented Languages in Stockholm this August, it is time to send in your registration
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 15, 2005
      If you want to attend the the First International Conference on
      Tolkien's Invented Languages in Stockholm this August, it is time to
      send in your registration and begin making your travel plans. If you
      want to present a paper at the conference, please contact Beregond
      right away.

      Our web address is www.omentielva.com (note, _not_ .org as it was

      Beregond's address is beregond@.... Mine is
      billw@.... Let us hear from you today.

      We are looking forward to seeing many of you there!


      The First International Conference on J.R.R. Tolkien's Invented
      Languages (Informally "Omentielva Minya", or just "Omentielva")
      August 4 to 8, 2005
      University of Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
      Chairman: Bill Welden
      Papers Coordinator: Beregond, Anders Stenström
      Facility Coordinator: Professor Nils-Lennart Johannesson
      Membership: US$90 through July 4, 2005

      Everyone is encouraged to prepare, bring, and deliver a paper on any
      aspect of Tolkien's languages. The program will consist of listening
      to and discussing the papers; as well as meeting each other, breaking
      bread together, and generally enjoying each other's company.
      Registration includes basic food and sleeping space (though you may
      want to make additional arrangements yourself for both -- see the web
      site for more information). Over thirty people have indicated an
      intention to attend.

      This will be the first of a series of biennial conferences. The
      location of the second (2007) conference will be announced at this
      first conference, and we will also vote on proposals for the site of
      the third (2009). If you are interested in hosting the 2007
      conference or in presenting a proposal for the 2009 conference,
      please contact me right away at BillW@O....

      The proceedings of these conferences will be published in a new
      special series, _Arda Philology_. The volume from this first
      conference will be made available to the attendees as a benefit of
      membership, and (subject to availability and at a price yet to be
      determined) to all other interested parties. Our intention is that it
      be stimulating and insightful enough to show up on the reference
      shelf of every serious scholar of Tolkien. You do not need to deliver
      a paper to attend, nor do you need to attend to send a paper (we will
      certainly find someone to read it for you); but we hope you do both.

      There is more information (and you can sign up) at our web site:

      Write to me at BillW@... with questions or feedback. For
      information about registration or papers (*especially* if you would
      like to present one) write to: Beregond@...

      This is going to be an exciting event, with lots of interesting
      people discussing all the interesting topics. If you think the
      conversation proceeds quickly here on-line, wait till you get in a
      room with thirty smart, passionate people who have been thinking
      about these issues for years (some for most of their lives). I'm
      really looking forward to it.

      I hope we see you there!

      Bill Welden
      Omentielva Minya
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