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Re: [Lambengolmor] N. _Dân_ pl. _Dein_, _Daðrin_ ... or *_Daðrim_?

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  • David Kiltz
    ... Which would make it a plural in _-in_. Cf. e.g. PE13:123 or _Conin en Annûn_ in LR:932, perhaps. Still, the intrusive _r_ is remarkable. Maybe it s a
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 21, 2004
      On 20.09.2004, at 16:30, Bertrand Bellet wrote:

      > In�the entry NDAN of the Etymologies (V:375) Tolkien gives
      > Noldorin names for the Green-elves or Danas : _D�n_
      > pl. _Dein_, _Da�rin_.

      Which would make it a plural in _-in_. Cf. e.g. PE13:123 or _Conin
      en Ann�n_ in LR:932, perhaps. Still, the 'intrusive' _r_ is remarkable.
      Maybe it's a plural form peculiar to Danaic. It could then be an
      augmentative plural marking. I.e. one originally in _-(V)r_ which had
      _-in_ added. For the use of plurals in _-r_ in Early Noldorin, cf.
      e.g. PE13:123.

      -David Kiltz

      [I agree that instead of merely assuming that _Da�rin_ was a slip by
      Tolkien for *_Da�rim_, we need to proceed on the assumption that
      Tolkien wrote down precisely what he intended, and attempt to
      explain the recorded form on that basis. David's theory above,
      regardless of whether or not it proves to be the ultimate solution
      to the puzzle, takes exactly the right approach. -- PHW]
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