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Re: Parma 14: typo ?

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  • cgilson75
    ... catching this! CFH] Actually the real situation is more complicated than this suggestion or the casual agreement with it would imply. The l in the
    Message 1 of 2 , May 28, 2004
      --- In lambengolmor@yahoogroups.com, "laurifindil" <ejk@f...> wrote:

      > Hello,
      > It looks to me that lhampa- on p. 66 in Parma 14 is a typo for
      > _hampa-_, isn't it ? From *E skamp- above on the same page I guess.
      > :-)
      > Cheers,
      > Edouard Kloczko
      > [Indeed it is. The correct reading should be _hampa_. Thanks for
      catching this! CFH]

      Actually the real situation is more complicated than this suggestion
      or the casual agreement with it would imply. The 'l' in the published
      form _lhampa-_ is certainly not a "typo" in the sense of being an
      accidental mistyping for intended _hampa-_, but rather represents
      something Tolkien wrote in the original that was interpreted (perhaps
      by mistake) as an 'l'.

      Tolkien originally typed "... (*skapia-).;hampa- hop." at the end of
      this sentence (which begins with "N. hab- ..."). There is no space
      typed between right parenthesis mark and period, between period and
      semicolon, or between semicolon and 'h'. (It is not unusual for
      spaces to be left out when Tolkien types, but clearly something else
      was mistyped here -- either the period or the semicolon.) Tolkien
      manually added the diacritic under the 'i' and manually underlined the
      Elvish forms. And either at that time or later he wrote a vertical
      stroke through the semicolon thick enough to look like the other
      letters that he replaced by hand (e.g. _dagula_ >> _tagula_ at the top
      of p. 66).

      It is possible that Tolkien was simply striking out the semicolon. If
      on the other hand the stroke is a valid correction of mistyped
      "hampa-" to intended "lhampa-" the explanation could be that he typed
      a ';' when he intended to type an 'l'. Since these two keys are right
      next to each other on the keyboard this seems slightly more likely
      than typing a semicolon by mistake for a space.

      The form _lhampa-_ is enigmatic here, but not impossible to account
      for -- the combination -lk- would yield -lch- medially in Noldorin, we
      know, so if it could occur initially the result would probably be
      _lh-_. (Note that forms in _lh-_ have emerged in the contemporary
      Noldorin wordlists -- PE 13, pp. 148-9, 163.) Tolkien does list
      _nkap-_ as one of the varieties of root _kapa-_ 'leap' that "are
      evidenced". Perhaps, analogous to variants like _skap-, skamp-_, he
      imagined a variety _nkap-_ yielding *_nkampa-_ with dissimilation to
      *_lkampa-_ .

      I don't recall much, if any, later evidence to support this
      interpretation -- it need not have had a long life. Even if a
      short-lived conception, however, _lhampa-_ 'hop' might ultimately have
      inspired the name _Labadal_ 'Hopafoot' (UT 60). Or provide a sort of
      link with its even earlier conceptual echoes in QL _lapatte_ 'rabbit',
      GL _laboth_ 'a hare', which were only hesitantly connected with the
      words like QL _lopo-_ 'gallop, run', _lopeta-_ 'amble, lop', GL _lob
      (lompi)_ 'run, gallop'. Tolkien seems to have liked this association
      of the sounds _lap-, lab-_ with the sense 'hop', but may have remained
      uncertain how to account for it within his system.

      The upshot is that the reading _lhampa-_ is not entirely certain. And
      perhaps this should have been indicated in the editorial comments.
      But I don't feel that it is obviously wrong...

      -- Christopher Gilson
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