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VT45 Erratum: Dor. _mêd_ 'moisture'

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  • Helios De Rosario Martinez
    In the entry MIZD- of the Addenda and Corrigenda to _The Etymologies_ (VT45:35) there is a reference to the glosses of N _mídh_ dew and Dor. _mêd_
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2004
      In the entry MIZD- of the "Addenda and Corrigenda to _The Etymologies_"
      (VT45:35) there is a reference to "the glosses of N _mídh_ 'dew' and
      Dor. _mêd_ 'moisture'.

      However, Dor. _mêd_ 'moisture' is not among the words in that entry:
      the Doriathrin term glossed 'moisture' is rather _mi~d_ (the tilde is
      intended to represent a macron on the _i_); though there is also the
      adjective _me~d_ 'wet' (but this also with a macron).

      Is there an erratum, or the Dor. form _mêd_ was ommited from the main
      text of the entry?


      [This is indeed an error, and one thatI am at a complete loss to account for. It looks like it's time to start the "Addenda and Corrigenda to the Addenda and Corrigenda to the _Etymologies_! For "Dor. _mêd_" in our notes, read "Dor. _mi~d_" (where the tilde represents a macron over the preceding "i". Thank you very much, Helios, for point this out. CFH]
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