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New _Tengwestië_ article: "The Goldogrin Past Tense" by Patrick H. Wynne

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    I am very pleased to announce the publication of a new article, The Goldogrin Past Tense by Patrick H. Wynne, in _Tengwestië_, the online journal of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2004
      I am very pleased to announce the publication of a new article, "The
      Goldogrin Past Tense" by Patrick H. Wynne, in _Tengwestië_, the online
      journal of the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship:


      Pat's article is a descriptive and formal analysis of the extensive
      evidence for the past-tense verb of Goldogrin, demonstrating the
      richness and cohesiveness of the system and the principal aesthetic
      themes that would appear throughout Tolkien's lifelong expression of
      his linguistic taste in the development of his art-languages.

      A few words about system requirements for the _Tengwestië_ site: First,
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      browser. Please use another, more standards-compliant browser for
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      download and install the free Gentium font
      upon which this site relies for the more uncommon linguistic glyphs. For
      more information on system requirements for the site, see:

      In addition to the Web version, this article is also offered in PDF
      format, which you can download at:


      Comments of a scholarly and linguistic nature on this and any other
      _Tengwestië_ article are welcome at the Lambengolmor list:


      Suitable submissions to _Tengwestië_ are always sought and welcome; for
      complete submission guidelines, see:




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